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    Replacing a Plugin

    First off, Hi, I'm back. Not all the time like before, its more of a once in a while thing since I gotta stay strong in school this year (Senior year is important!) Second of all, the current plugin being used in the server, Innovation Mechanics, isn't the most user friendly, content deep, or...
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    Subscribe to me for "quality" content

    Subscribe to me for "quality" content
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    smell me

    smell me
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    guys i'm still here

    guys i'm still here
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    December Events

    First up, the christmas tree. And yes, that is the correct warp name IGN: MagnaLupus Warp Name: warp Photo of Build: Coords: X - 201 Y - 73 Z - -5827 Second up, even though it's pointless, my winter skin (Looks better as a player):
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    "What, you egg? (He stabs him)" -Shakespeare

    "What, you egg? (He stabs him)" -Shakespeare
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    Premium Forum Rank

    1. Minecraft Name: MagnaLupus 2. In-game rank: Guardian 3. Discord tag*: Magna Lupus#5502
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    October Announcements

    For the Skin Contest, I made my own skin be corrupted in one eye: For the Build Contest, I made a tombstone with a zombie hand coming out of the ground...
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    The Return of Magna

    It has been quite a while since I have had full commitment to a server. When I first joined, I instantly fell in love with the server, and tried to stay around as long as possible. That was about mid-June I believe. During that time, school was still in session. I tried to be on as much as...
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    September Events

    Week 3 Build Competetion: Concrete IGN: MagnaLupus Supporting Gay Pride, I made a skull made of rainbows. This also kinda symbolizes my new tribe MysticalEmpire, with it being rainbow and Rainbow's being mystic. Coords: -2365 92 2640
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    Help Us Bosses update

    The killer bunny comes alive...
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    Premium Forum Rank

    1. MagnaLupus 2. Blaze 3. Magna Lupus#5502
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    August Events

    My favoritee block is Lapis Lazuli, mainly because it is unused by most players. So I decided to make Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe! IGN: MagnaLupus Coords: 2528 62 1757 Block: Lapis Lazuli
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    July Events

    Build Competetion: Nether Base: Haggisbob (Chief) Modern Base: Sharethelode (Grunt) Other builds: MagnaLupus (Founder All Images are here: The Tribe name is Industrial Era, the story behind it is we are a new...
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    Claim Block Withdrawals

    Well, as said before, you can also sell the claim blocks, so you would be able to sell the coin and gems tickets as a way of making money