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  1. MagnaLupus

    Replacing a Plugin

    First off, Hi, I'm back. Not all the time like before, its more of a once in a while thing since I gotta stay strong in school this year (Senior year is important!) Second of all, the current plugin being used in the server, Innovation Mechanics, isn't the most user friendly, content deep, or...
  2. MagnaLupus

    The Return of Magna

    It has been quite a while since I have had full commitment to a server. When I first joined, I instantly fell in love with the server, and tried to stay around as long as possible. That was about mid-June I believe. During that time, school was still in session. I tried to be on as much as...
  3. MagnaLupus


    For those who don't know, optifine is a mod type thing that makes minecraft run smoother, and adds a few nice features (Custom Items, Connected Textures). It is one of the greatest things in my opinion. For those who don't know that it is out, 1.12 has been released for optifine...
  4. MagnaLupus

    Industrial Era Dome Thing

    I've been working on this for a bit. I will do progress updates weekly kinda like @ChainOfLightning does.
  5. MagnaLupus

    Active Member and Poll Threads

    2 Suggestions here Active member rank: For those few of use that have gotten to the 100 message mark, we get the title "Active member" on the forums. If we do this, can we also get the rank in game? It wouldn't provide any special benefits, but would have the prefix [Active Member]. Poll...
  6. MagnaLupus

    Well Meme'd my boy

  7. MagnaLupus

    Building 101 w/ Magna - Greenery/Vegetation

    So you have this amazingly beautiful build, the Walls of your house are this rustic theme, you have a church style roof, and this big glass dome to the side. But your house needs a little something more. Today's guide will focus on Greenery and Vegetation, such as trees, vines, and even flowers...
  8. MagnaLupus

    Disappearance of Magna

    For this week and the past weeks, I have been really busy. I have been offline quite a bit because I am nearing the end of my school year, with teachers cramming in last lessons, and finals coming up (one today, one tomorrow D: sadly). Just in case you have been wondering where I have been. By...
  9. MagnaLupus

    Mechanics 101 w/ Magna - Slime Blocks

    Most people have seen slimeblocks and found them useless because all you can do is bounce on them, and not take fall damage. Thats not all. Slimeblocks are amazing when it comes to redstone. They can stick to blocks and pull them down, for use with cool mechanics. You can also make flying...
  10. MagnaLupus

    Big Build Block Request

    I need a lot of certain materials, and will pay for them as well if you happen to have them. This is what I need: 27 Stacks of Unpolished Andesite - 500 per Stack 4 Stacks of Hardened Clay (Black and Grey Colorations) - 750 per Stack 1 Stack of Sea Lanterns - 1000 per Stack (@drikke)
  11. MagnaLupus

    Industrial Era Recruitment

    Are you interested in becoming and Industrialist? Well, then Industrial Era is just the place for you! If you would like to join, please fill out the form below: IGN: Highest McMMO Level: Time Zone: Discord: Why you want to join: What you can provide if you join:
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    My amazing Photoshop skills at there finest
  13. MagnaLupus

    Industrial Era

    Are you interested in becoming and Industrialist? Well, then Industrial Era is just the place for you! If you would like to join, please fill out the form below: IGN: Highest McMMO Level: Time Zone: Discord: Why you want to join: What you can provide if you join:
  14. MagnaLupus

    Summer Supplies

    I am requesting a few items. If you have these, please reply to the forums and I will catch you in game -Nether Quartz (500 per Stack) -Sand (100 per Stack) -Glass (lots of it) (250 per Stack) -Andesite (100 per Stack) -Wool (250 per Stack) -Dyes (Any colors) (50 per Stack) -Spruce Logs (100...
  15. MagnaLupus

    Almost there!

    99 Messages so far, I am getting very hype for 100 Messages. I know that Beabie and Miscopy have already soared past 100, put this is the first server forum that I have actually been happy to explore on and make friends. Servers in the past weren't as supportive to me and I want to thank you all...
  16. MagnaLupus

    The Great List of Suggestions (V 0.5)

    All of these are new, none of them have been said by me (except the first one, which I suggested once). I hope at least one of them gets into the server, as some of them are cool, and some of them are purely aesthetic. Tribe Claim First one I ever suggested, but haven't suggested it since then...
  17. MagnaLupus

    Building 101 w/Magna - Circles, Domes, and Sphere's

    So you've read my other 2 guides on roofs and walls. Now its time to get a little more complex, with the most annoying things to make. Circles, and its variants. Do's -Practice in a creative world -Use any block Don'ts -Not Practice -Forget Scaffolding CIRCLES: Start with one side, and repeat...
  18. MagnaLupus

    End Exploration Request

    On Saturday, I will be going on a 1 hour end exploration session, but I can't do it alone. I am requesting people to help me out this Saturday. I will take up to 4 other people with me. (ixSlay_ and Chance_3 don't count, as they will help out either way). After the 1 hour, we will split up all...
  19. MagnaLupus

    Market Building

    You are still able to build on the outside edges of the Market Paths.
  20. MagnaLupus

    Recruitment for Frost Legion

    Want to join the Frost Legion? Message me @MagnaLupus In-Game or Start a Conversation with me here on the forums. (Discord works to, @Magna Lupus) If you already have joined, the Discord Channel is Here: Let the Frozen Tundra Consume you