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  1. Tirco

    Building Competition - August, 2021

    August is here, and it's about time we engaged you all in a new Build Competition! With park-age released, we have something special lined up for you. When Halloween comes around, we want to make sure there's a small event available with some spooky stuff, just like we do on all the other ages...
  2. Tirco


    What are they? How do they work? How do I get them? You'll find out the answers to most of that here! First of all: What is a trading card? A trading card is a custom collectible you can get in Park Age! They can have images and text of various animals, as well as staff-members and players of...
  3. Tirco

    Minigame Information

    All the minigames can be accessed through the portals at /warp minigames. These minigames are available to everyone immediatly: - Wizards - Bedwars - Murder Mystery These minigames require you to buy access using the ingame currency: - TheLab - The Arcade You can also get to the parks...
  4. Tirco

    Useful Commands

    /rp or /resourcepack - Loads the resourcepack on for you. Make sure that you have set "Server Resource Packs" to "Allow" in the server listing! /usepack parkage - Forces load of the parkage resourcepack.. /usepack empty - Forces load of an empty pack, practically disabling the resourcepack...
  5. Tirco

    Park Age Release Post

    Park Age will release on July 16th, 2021...
  6. Tirco

    Mini Competition - Build a Car!

    Hello crafters! For an upcoming project, I am in need of small car builds. I figured I could reach out to the community for help with this. Which brings us to this mini-competition! :) Instructions: - Build a car / Vehicle - The vehicle can be no more than 3 wide (5 wide if buttons / smaller...
  7. Tirco

    Happy Holidays - 2020!

    Happy Holidays! As we have now reached December 1st, it's time for an update as the holidays approcahes! Here's some of the things todays update includes: Festive Lobby! The lobby has put on its festive suit, and is filled with the holiday spirit! Scavenger Hunt! Much like the hunt for...
  8. Tirco

    PyroFishing - Resource pack!

    When PyroFishing first was introduced to TQ i thought the fish looked dumb when they were all the same type. I decided to fix this, and with the help of @yaboitrademark and some already existing resources from games such as Terraria and Stardew Valley, we managed to retexture most of them! :)...