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  1. Tirco

    Building Competition - August, 2021

    August is here, and it's about time we engaged you all in a new Build Competition! With park-age released, we have something special lined up for you. When Halloween comes around, we want to make sure there's a small event available with some spooky stuff, just like we do on all the other ages...
  2. Tirco


    What are they? How do they work? How do I get them? You'll find out the answers to most of that here! First of all: What is a trading card? A trading card is a custom collectible you can get in Park Age! They can have images and text of various animals, as well as staff-members and players of...
  3. Tirco

    Minigame Information

    All the minigames can be accessed through the portals at /warp minigames. These minigames are available to everyone immediatly: - Wizards - Bedwars - Murder Mystery These minigames require you to buy access using the ingame currency: - TheLab - The Arcade You can also get to the parks...
  4. Tirco

    Useful Commands

    /rp or /resourcepack - Loads the resourcepack on for you. Make sure that you have set "Server Resource Packs" to "Allow" in the server listing! /usepack parkage - Forces load of the parkage resourcepack.. /usepack empty - Forces load of an empty pack, practically disabling the resourcepack...
  5. Tirco

    Park Age Release Post

    Park Age will release on July 16th, 2021...
  6. Tirco

    Mini Competition - Build a Car!

    This is now officially over! Rewards will be handed out when everything is ready! :)
  7. Tirco

    Mini Competition - Build a Car!

    Loving all the cars so far guys! :) Thanks for the help!
  8. Tirco

    Mini Competition - Build a Car!

    Hello crafters! For an upcoming project, I am in need of small car builds. I figured I could reach out to the community for help with this. Which brings us to this mini-competition! :) Instructions: - Build a car / Vehicle - The vehicle can be no more than 3 wide (5 wide if buttons / smaller...
  9. Tirco

    [ATTACH]' Omg this can be sooo cooooool Guess what I'm holding in my hand :D

    ' Omg this can be sooo cooooool Guess what I'm holding in my hand :D
  10. Tirco

    [ATTACH] 1.17?` 1.18? :D

    1.17?` 1.18? :D
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  12. Tirco


  13. Tirco

    Hi skynet!

    Hi skynet!
  14. Tirco


  15. Tirco

    Happy Holidays - 2020!

    Happy Holidays! As we have now reached December 1st, it's time for an update as the holidays approcahes! Here's some of the things todays update includes: Festive Lobby! The lobby has put on its festive suit, and is filled with the holiday spirit! Scavenger Hunt! Much like the hunt for...
  16. Tirco

    Fish... Fish... Fish... Pyro! Update the plugin already!

    Fish... Fish... Fish... Pyro! Update the plugin already!
  17. Tirco

    PyroFishing - Resource pack!

    When PyroFishing first was introduced to TQ i thought the fish looked dumb when they were all the same type. I decided to fix this, and with the help of @yaboitrademark and some already existing resources from games such as Terraria and Stardew Valley, we managed to retexture most of them! :)...
  18. Tirco

    Server Merging

    I have my fingers crossed! Hope they like the thing I added ^^
  19. Tirco

    Omg Lemon!

    Omg Lemon!
  20. Tirco

    Forgot about lord! :O

    Forgot about lord! :O