1. Lianail

    Survey for Sand in Skyblock

    Yes, I have a cactus farm. Yes I will make a cane auto-farm. However, I would far prefer to have sand cheep in order to make both glass and colored concrete. In order for people to have the auto-farms, they've priced sand out of viability for these materials. I would prefer if they stopped...
  2. Lianail

    Vote crates object

    The object for the vote crate should not be a piston it is too easy to loose it in your inventory. There are lots of "crate" objects in the Heads database. You should use one of those.
  3. Beabie

    Build Competition - Your Turn to VOTE

    We have had some amazing entries for the build competition! Everyone has done so well and I for one have enjoyed seeing how creative everyone who entered is :D Below are posts containing all the builds that were entered. You can now have a good look through all the entries and vote on the poll...
  4. haz

    Vote Links

    Voting for MC-Ages helps us to become higher ranked in the server lists and gain more exposure to potential players! To vote, open each link below. Enter your username, complete the captcha and submit your vote to successfully vote on that link. You can do this every 24 hours on each site! You...