Brand New Lift Plugin


Aug 16, 2017
Hi all, we have a new lift plugin!!!

This plugin is only available to Guardian + premium rank holders.

The crafting recipe is 8 wool (of the same colour) and an enderpearl in the centre. This crafts a 'lift shulkerbox'. The shulker box will be created in the colour wool you use.

When creating a new lift, Craft 2 lift shulkers of the same colour and place them vertically above each other.


They cannot be more than 20 blocks apart.

To use the lift, sneak to go down, jump to go up.

I do not believe there is a limit to the number of floors you can make with this lift, as long as they are vertically in a line and the same colour.

Give me a shout in-game or on disc if you are having any issues.

Please note that you are not allowed to sell the lift's to anyone else, nor are you allowed to make them for some else or build them in someone else's claim.

This is a bonus added for Guardian+ rank holders. Why not upgrade your rank to enjoy the new lifts in your industry?

We hope you enjoy the new plugin.
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