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[Dark Age] FAQ

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This is a page of Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not answered here, please post a detailed description of the issue in #staff-help in discord or the forums.


How do I get the starter kit?

Click the Welcome NPC at spawn and complete the tutorial.

How do you get to the tutorial dungeon to kill the tutorial boss?
Type /dungeonhub and click on a sign in the tree roots around you.

The directions for the tutorial got lost in chat, how do I know what to do next?
Type /quest to view your current quests.

Fly and Elytra

Why can't I fly?
Fly is only enabled in your claims or claims that you are trusted to.

Why isn't my elytra working?
First, make sure that you are in the build world, nether, or end, as these are the only areas where elytras are enabled. Then, if you are Phantom or Immortal, make sure that you are not in claim fly mode by typing /fly, as you cannot activate an elytra while outside of a claim in fly mode. This is a known issue that the developers are trying to fix.


How do I take a quest?

Click the Daily Quest NPC at spawn and select today’s icon.

How do I view my current quests?
Type /quest to view your current quests.

The quest just says “Ratthew Ratthew” (example). What does that mean?
You are being instructed to kill a certain boss from a certain dungeon or bounty map. To view where the boss is from, type /quest [quest name] (example: /quest Down with the Sickness).

How do I delete a quest that I don’t want to do?
Type /quests quit [quest name] to abandon a quest.


How do I start a dungeon?

Type /dungeonhub and click the sign of the dungeon you want to run. Make sure your friends are all in the lobby within thirty (30) seconds if you want to fight together!

I changed my mind, how do I leave a dungeon?
Type /ma leave to exit a dungeon.

This dungeon is too hard! Are you sure it’s even doable???
Make sure to check the difficulty of a dungeon, as well as gear and potion requirements, before joining. We recommend that you progress in order of difficulty, come with potions and golden apples, and fully enchanted diamond armor, as well as friends to fight with.

I keep getting blinded or teleported! Am I glitching?
Some bosses have special abilities like causing blindness/disorientation or teleporting. It’s not a glitch- however, if you find that you are being constantly teleported, please report it to #staff-help in discord and detail which dungeon you are in and what mob you think is causing it.

I killed all the mobs, but the next wave isn’t starting. What’s going on?
Double check the area to make sure that you actually did kill all of the mobs. If you’re in a dungeon with vexes, one might have phased through the walls/ceiling/floor. Just wait a few more seconds and it should reappear or despawn.


My chat is being spammed with a cooldown message. Why is that?

The Sea Map is built using a cooldown system, meaning that mobs from specific areas can only be spawned every ten (10) minutes for each individual player. Entering an area where you have already spawned bosses will give you a cooldown message- however, if you feel that you are being excessively spammed, please report it to #staff-help in discord and detail where you are in the map and which mob is spamming you. Future bounty maps may or may not use this cooldown feature, as the developers are experimenting with alternative spawn methods.

Why aren’t the big bosses spawning?
The Captain, Krakatowa, and Kraken spawn once every hour for the whole server and despawn a minute before they respawn.

I don’t like the bounty crate drops. Can you change them?
Please give suggestions for crate drops in #suggestions in discord.

Magic Enchants

Where do I get magic enchants from?

Different enchants can be purchased in /shopgui and /enchanter. Some enchants are rewarded from defeating dungeon bosses and arena bosses, and others from opening chests with world boss keys. Fragments for one enchant are rewarded by winning the fishing contest.

How do I get magic dust?
Magic dust is made from breaking down magic enchants at the tinkerer, and the alchemist is used to combine books with dust to upgrade the success chance of a book.

World Bosses

What are these crates in spawn for?

Defeating a world boss will give you a crate key to use at the corresponding crate at spawn. They contain special enchants for different elements of combat.

Do the World Bosses spawn randomly?
World bosses only spawn in set locations scattered around the build world.
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