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[Dark Age] How To: Magic Enchants


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How To: Magic Enchants

How to Use

Magic enchants each have a unique effect when applied to your gear. They are able to be applied to weapons, tools, and armor by selecting the book and left-clicking on the item you wish to apply the book to. Enchants are for specific pieces of items that will be labelled in the item description as well as on the enchant list posted on the forums. If the enchantment fails the entire item will be destroyed.

Magic Dust

Enchants are able to fail. The success chance of an enchant to be applied to your weapon is listed in the item description. Item success chance can be increased by using magic dust that is created from breaking down other books using the tinkerer or as a potential drop from dungeon monsters. Magic dust can only be used to improve the success chance of its matching book type.(Standard Magic dust for Standard magic enchants; Dungeon magic dust for Dungeon magic enchants)

Black Scroll
Removes a random enchantment from an item and converts it into a 100% success book. Place the scroll onto the item to extract.

White Scroll
Prevents an item from being destroyed due to a failed Enchantment Book. Place the scroll onto the item to apply.

Holy White Scroll
Apply to armor or weapons to prevent them being lost after death.

Single Randomised Scroll
Apply to any Simple Enchantment book to re-roll the success and destroy rates. Drag and drop onto the enchantment book to apply.

Transmog Scroll
Organises enchants by rarity on the item and adds the lore count to the name.

Item Nametag
Rename and customise your equipment

Enchantment Orbs
Apply to armor or weapons to increase the amount of enchants you can apply on that item by the number specified in the orb. Drag and drop onto the item to apply.

Simple Slot Increaser
Increase the slots limit on an item by +1

BlockTrak Creator
Track how many blocks you break with a tool. Drag on top of another item to to apply it.

MobTrak Creator
Track how many mob kills you have with a weapon. Drag on top of another item to apply it.

StatTrak Creator
Track how many kills you have with a weapon. Drag on top of another item to apply it.

Soul Tracker
Apply this to a weapon to start tracking souls collected from kills.


Purchase enchanted books from the enchanter using experience. Books purchased from the enchanter come with a random success and destroy chance. Open the enchanter menu with /enchanter.


Use the tinkerer to break custom books down into magic dust that is the same quality as the book being destroyed. The dust created by destroying the book has a chance to turn into either magic dust or mystery dust; Mystery dust has no use and can be thrown away, magic dust is a useful item that can be used to increase the success chance of your magic enchant books. Open the tinkerer menu with /tinkerer.

The alchemist can be used to combine either books or magic dust. If combining two books, the books must be the same rank and will be upgraded to the next tier of enchant. If combining magic dust, the type of dust must be the same rank and the success chance of the two pieces of dust will be combined. Doing any sort of combining using the alchemist will cost experience that varies based on what combination is being done. Open the alchemist menu with /alchemist.
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