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Elite Mobs


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One of our main game features on Towny Age is EliteMobs.

You come across these within the game. Elite mobs will spawn naturally, and the difficulty level of the mob is based on the armor and weapons you have, together with your Guild rank. However, the level is also affected by who is with you at the time also.

Hunting and killing EliteMobs will gain you both Elite coins and Elite loot. Both of these can be used in at the Elite Guild. Type /warp guild and have a look around.

Feel free to have a look at the original EMWars launch video - click here

EliteMob Powers

As the level of the EliteMob rises, so does both their power and the value of their loot.

EliteMobs have both offensive and defensive powers, for example:

Defensive Powers:

Invisibility: Makes the elite invisible (creepers can't have this one)

InvulnerabilityArrow: Makes the elite immune to arrows

InvulnerabilityFallDamage: Makes the elite immune to fall damage

InvulnerabilityFire: Makes the elite immune to fire damage of any kind

InvulnerabilityKnockback: Drastically reduces the amount of knockback the elite takes when hit

Offensive powers:

AttackArrow: Makes the elite fire an arrow on an interval

AttackBlinding: Makes the elite apply the blinding potion effect to the target

AttackConfusing: Makes the elite apply the confusing potion effect to the target

AttackFire: Makes the elite set the target on fire when they hit them

There are many more, and you'll discover them as you progress thorugh the Guild ranks.

Elite Enchantments

There are also enchantments that come with the Elite loot. Please note: These are solebound, so cannot be given to another player.

Here is a list and their benefits:

Critical Strike - Give a chance to double the damage dealt to an EliteMob.

Drilling - this enchantment is an enchantment destined for pickaxes. When using it, it allows pickaxes and sholves to mine blocks in a radius to the block getting mined.

Elite Protection - increases the protection from Elite Mobs and only Elite Mobs. The enchantment level also counts towards the player's threat tier level.

Elite Sharpness - increases the damage dealt to Elite Mobs, and only Elite Mobs.

Flamethrower - this enchantment is capable of firing a jet of flames to damage mobs in the direction it is being fired. Upon right clicking to activate this enchantment, the player will be unable to move for the duration of the effect.

Hunter - this increases the percentage of mobs around a player that will get converted to an Elite Mob.

Meteor Shower - this enchantment summons a meteor shower form the sky, above the player. A number of fireballs will fall from the sky hitting everything around the player at random. The damage dealt to normal entities is the normal amount for a fireball, or an adjusted amount dealt to Elite Mobs. This can destroy terrain.


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Elite Mobs Prestige Ranks

Elite Mobs has had a major update, with the introduction of Prestige. Once you have completed the first 10 rank-ups in Elite Mobs, you are then able to Prestige. There are then 10 Prestige ranks to work through. But, be warned, when you do Prestige all your Elite money and armor will be reset. However, the benefits and rewards of Prestige'ing far outweigh this initial cost.

Prestige 1 - 2x max hp boost from unlocking Guild ranks, access to Guild Tier 11, 1.5x+ currency rewards

Prestige 2 - 3% base chance to crit, access to Guild Tier 12, 2x+ currency rewards

Prestige 3 - 3% base chance to evade, access to Guild Tier 13, 2.5x+ currency rewards

Prestige 4 - 2.5x max hp boost from unlocking Guild ranks, access to Guild Tier 14, 3x currency rewards

Prestige 5 - 6% base chance to crit, access to Guild Tier 15, 3.5x currency rewards

Prestige 6 - 6% base chance to evade, access to Guild Tier 16, 4x currency rewards

Prestige 7 - 3x max hp boost from unlocking Guild Ranks, access to Guild Tier 17, 4.5x currency rewards

Prestige 8 - 10% base chance to crit, access to Guild Tier 18, 5x currency rewards

Prestige 9 - 10% base chance to dodge, access to Guild Tier 19, 5.5x currency rewards

Prestige 10 - 4x max hp boost from unlocking Guild ranks, access to Guild tier 20, 6x currency rewards

Have fun hunting those Elite mobs and get ranking up in the Guild!!