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Happy Holidays - 2020!

Happy Holidays!

As we have now reached December 1st, it's time for an update as the holidays approcahes!
Here's some of the things todays update includes:

Festive Lobby!
The lobby has put on its festive suit, and is filled with the holiday spirit!

Scavenger Hunt!
Much like the hunt for spirits on the default lobby, you can now search for Christmas Presents!
At the moment of writing there's currently 40 presents hidden in various places around the lobby for adventurous players to find!

This hunt is slightly easier than the one on the default lobby, as it doesn't include as much of the parkour.
If you want to track your progress you can use the command "/hh list" - If that one looks to messy for you, you can use "/hh list true" to see the ID's instead of names!

Hints and new presents may be added in as we close in on Christmas! :)
We have a custom made snowballfight plugin loaded in
on the lobby server! You can find it on the island between
Industrial and Dark.

Which one of you is the best at chucking snowballs?
Time to find out!

You see your score as your level, and your lives as your exp bar.
You have 5 lives, and if you lose them all, your score gets cut in half.

There is a 3 second grace-period between hits, and
every player gets a snowball every 5 seconds, up to a max of 16.

The winner is the first player to 20 points.
If you leave the area, your score is reset.
Advent Calendar

Log on to your favorite age and collect a daily reward!
Use the command /adventcalendar in the game to collect your loot! :)
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