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Hi all, it is time to let you know what I have been working on for the last month or so............

1) Boosters for McMMO (all survival servers)
- purchasable from the on-line store (per server).
2) Custom tags (all servers) - purchasable from the online store (per server) - create a ticket once purchased.

3) New in game rank system for Industrial, in addition to the current 4 play ranks, which will also include...........

Player Worlds!!

Yes, from tomorrow (once I update the server - see #minor-news) you will be able to purchase your own mini-world, within the Industrial server. This will be vanilla generated overworld map, and the initial size is 100 x 100 blocks. It will have it's own spawn point. At this time only admin+ will be able to move your spawn point.

However, you will need to rank-up in game to a certain rank in order to gain the permission to create your own personal mini-world on the Industrial server, and of course, each rank will cost an ever increasing about of money and naturally the mini-world purchase will also cost money. As you rank up even further, you will have the option to further expand your mini-world to a maximum size of 450 x 450 blocks.

To review the ranks, type /ranks, to rank-up in game, type /rankup.

When you create your playerworld,
/pwp menu you can choose the initial 'lease' period of your world; 30, 60 or 90 days. Once created, via this menu or are also able to toggle certain settings, like; pvp, mob spawning etc. You will have the option then to extend the 'lease' of your mini-world by 30, 60 or 90 days at a time, but.........

Be warned - if the time expires your mini-world will be deleted by the server!!!

So do not let it expire.

Really hope you like and enjoy this extension to the game-play on the industrial server.

2021-08-05_22.15.18.png 2021-08-05_22.15.46.png