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Industrial II - Getting Started Guide


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Apr 6, 2017
Welcome to Industrial II! Our new Minecraft Survival Server with an Industrial theme.

TOP TIP: All features can be accessed and commands can be viewed by typing /help or using the HQ item in your inventory.

When you first join the server, you need to make it to the wild!
At spawn there are two portals, a Wild Portal and a Tutorial Portal.
If you are new to MC-Ages, we recommend you go through the Tutorial.
To start playing, simply jump into the Wild portal at spawn.

Claiming Land
Land protection on Industrial II Survival uses the Golden Shovel claiming system.
NEW: When you find a new area, you can also press the F key to claim your first chunk.
You can then expand it with the Golden Shovel.
A full tutorial for claiming is available by typing /help or /lh.

Quests are a great way to get some starter cash when you are new to the server.
Type /help or /q to open the Quests menu, and pick a series of quests to start tackling.
There's Mining Quests, Excavation Quests, Brewing Quests and Hunter Quests.
These quests are best for new players, and if you like the questing system then we will be more adding more quests for end game users :)

Useful Commands
A list of basic and useful commands are available to view by typing /help or /commands.

You can toggle messages, ignore players, toggle server broadcasts and more by typing /prefs.

Crews are a way to team up and form groups. They provide a way to set communal homes, offer crew chat and more.

To create a crew, type /crew create Name which will cost $25k. You can invite players with /crew invite Player and they can join with /crew join CrewName.

Crews have Ranks, Levels and Perks. All of which can be accessed by typing /help or /crews.

To get a pet, first you need to meet the requirements.
These are linked to various mcMMO Levels. For example, Cows are unlocked at mcMMO Mining Level 3.
You can view the full requirements by typing /help or /pets.

Once you meet the requirements, you can find your new pet in the wild (e.g. a Cow) and tame it with a leash.

Afterwards you should pick a skill tree (/pcst) and work towards unlocking the various skills.
Skills can be viewed by typing /help or /pets.

mcMMO is available on Industrial II and uses the new levelling system with a max of 100 levels (the same as the former Alien Age).
A brief mcmmo guide is available by typing /help.
Full information regarding mcMMO Skills is available here.

Crates are available both by voting (/vote) and from our store (/view).
You can redeem crates at /crates.

Fishing Contests
Fishing Contests run every hour at 30 minutes past. All you need is a fishing rod and a nearby pond to participate!

Daily Rewards can be redeemed by typing /rewards or /help

Play Ranks
In addition to our Premium Ranks which supporting the funding of MC-Ages, we also have Play Ranks (which, surprisingly, can be earnt from playing...)

mcMMO Ranks:
  • Tinkerer
    • Requirements: 5 Parent Skills at Lvl 100, Cost of $100,000 and 50 Votes
    • Perks: Tinkerer Rank, Tinkerer Tag, Player Warp
  • Mechanist
    • Requirements: All Skills at Lvl 100, Cost of $1,500,000 and 100 Votes
    • Perks: Mechanist Rank, Custom Tag, Mechanist Tag, 2x Player Warp
Vote Ranks:
  • Loyal
    • Requirements: 150 Votes
    • Perks: Loyal Rank, IVoted Tag, Loyal Tag
  • Dedicated
    • Requirements: 300 Votes
    • Perks: Dedicated Rank, Double Vote Rewards, Dedicated Tag
  • Devoted
    • Requirements: 450 Votes
    • Perks: Devoted Rank, Double Vote Rewards, Custom Tag, 5 Homes

All features can be accessed and explain in-game by typing /help.

We hope to see you online for the release of our new Minecraft Survival Server!


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Aug 19, 2017
so if you have a player warp with immortal and get Tinkerer you get another player warp ?