Industrial II Rules

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MC-Ages is an inclusive community that is enjoyable and safe for all members. Rules are in place across all of our platforms and players are expected to be familiar with them when enjoying our services.

Last updated: 1st January, 2020

  1. Clean Game
    1. No profanity, spamming, excessive caps
    2. No inappropriate skins, names, builds, signs, etc.
  2. No AFKing at areas which gives you an advantage
    1. Farms, grinders, etc. Head to /warp AFK instead
  3. No AFK devices
    1. Pools etc. Head to /warp AFK instead
  4. No Zero Tick machines
    1. We may also ask you to remove any large areas which cause server lag
    2. Please be efficient with your redstone machines
  5. Follow the Farm Rules
    1. See /farmrules in-game
  6. Do not build within 100 blocks of another player's claim
    1. Unless you have permission!
  7. If you are absent from the server for more than 90 days, your claims will either be:
    1. Unclaimed by staff/server
    2. Claimed by another player
  8. Server Griefing
    1. No lava casts, encasing, flooding nor world, nether or end griefing
  9. No Hacked Clients
    1. Any mod that gives you an advantage is not allowed
    2. Flying, Speed, etc.
    3. Do not use autoclickers in PvP
  10. Do not abuse glitches
    1. Duping, cheating, etc. Please report and you may even get a reward ;)
  11. No trolling
    1. Harassment, scamming, encouraging harm, trapping
    2. Don't discuss punishments. Don't ban/mute evade with other accounts.
  12. No inappropriate content
    1. Referencing or talking about vulgar, sexual or drug topics etc.
    2. Skins, banners, builds, item names, etc.
  13. Do not leak personal information
    1. Leaking personal information without the person's permission such as full names, addresses and any other personally identifiable information
Once you have read the rules, join us in-game with the Minecraft Survival Server IP:
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