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MC-Ages is pleased to announce the newest Age to the network


bringing all the fun of Skyblock to the network.


Begin your adventure on a small island in the sky, with limited resources and space. With cunning guile and bravery you will begin to plan, build and expand your island. Be aware not to loose any resources, especially your dirt - a premium commodity, and very expensive to buy.

Mc-Ages makes no apology. This version of Skyblock will test you to the limits and has been set up to challenge the most experience Minecrafter. Although the main gamemode is set to normal, we here at MC-Ages would certainly state this has a hard version to play that will require patience and time to progress.

The are multiple ways to upgrade within the game, ranging from in-game ranks to Island Levels. There are over 100 island missions to work your way through to help you meet the costs that you undoubtedly have to meet as you progress through the game.

The planned launch time will be:

Tomorrow (Friday 18th December) at 8:00pm GMT, 3pm EST.

Looking forward to seeing you all then.