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Need to know info!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Left, May 14, 2018 at 4:54 PM.

  1. Left

    Left New Member

    May 10, 2018
    1. Don't jump off at spawn. You will lose everything just as if you jumped off on your own island!

    2. When bulk buying buckets of lava, milk or water make sure you unstack them first. Otherwise they will all glitch away.

    3. Spawner spawn limits are set to 4 so don't complain if you aren't getting more than 4.

    4. When building out your island, make sure you are careful of the build limit!

    Remember to have sportsman-ship when playing SkyBlock competitively!

    There is no reward for the Parkour at spawn. So just don't try it, trust me...

    7. Iron/Redstone/Lapis blocks are worth 10 points,Emerald/Gold blocks are worth 150 points, Diamond blocks are worth 300 points, Coal blocks are worth 9 points, and Quartz is worth 1 point.

    8. When starting on SkyBlock I would reccomend you to build your island to your max build limit since it will add a minimum of 100 levels to your island straight away!

    When going AFK, either do /spawn or log off. Just do it.

    10. A few Cob Gen designs just dont work with the SkyBlock plug-in, one that does work pretty well is this design:

    11.Any other questions, things to be added to the list or if you just had some issues and want some help getting back on your feet then message me on either Discord - Left#0819 - or mail/message me in game - LeftRing.

    Hope this list helped, ~Left.
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