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What is PyroMining? - 1/2

PyroMining is a plugin that brings life and fun to mining! It adds extra things like fluxes and gemstones to the deal of mining plus a lot more! It brings mining to life!

*** This plugin is installed on the Dark Age and Towny Mining servers only.***


/mine help - just shows a list of commands

/mine menu - opens the main pyromining menu

/mine shop - opens the pyromining shop to sell items

/mine artifacts - opens the atrifacts menu, this is where you identify the artifacts you have collected

/mine vessels - opens the vessels menu (custom enchants that can be gained through mining)



Fluxes can be found from mining ALL ores.
- Basic fluxes will drop from Overworld ores.
- Blazed fluxes will drop from Nether ores.
(Fluxes can be sold to /mine shop for money(emp) They currently have no other uses.

Gemstones drop from each ore apart from Gold and Iron ore. You can either sell them using /mine shop or right click them to identify their quality which can either increase or decrease the overall sell price of the gemstone.

Gemstones have a 5 different qualities to them which can increase or decrease the price you can sell them for. To check their quality right click the gemstone in your hand and it will show you its quality. The qualities that are possible are listed below.

Badly Damaged

-Rune Dust-
Rune dust is gained from refining `Mysterious Dust` in a Refinery. (`Mysterious Dust` is found from just mining normal ores.)

A refinery is needed to process `Mysterious Dust`. To create a refinery place a Dropper facing upwards and a fence post ontop of it.

Place the `Mysterious Dust` inside the refinery and punch the fence post to process the `Mysterious Dust` into its different components.

Alternatively, you can place all 8 pieces of a vessel in it and punch the fence post to craft a vessel!

-Runes / Rune Guardians-
Runes are obtained by killing rune guardians. Rune Guardians are mini-bosses that can be summoned using Rune Dust which is obtained from `Mysterious Dust`.

To summon a Rune Guardian, click on a Redstone Ore with Rune Dust and it will open a menu, Once the menu pops up you have the option to choose which guardian you would like to spawn. There is a cooldown between spawning guardians!

Runes are needed to upgrade and level up your Singularity.

Zeta is the custom currency used in PyroMining. Zeta is used to upgrade passives and remove vessels from pickaxes, it is also used for creating vessels in a refinery!

Vessels are essentially custom enchantments for pickaxes. To craft a vessel you need all 8 pieces of the vessel which can be obtained as fossils from artifacts. You need to place all 8 pieces of a vessel into a refinery and punch the fence post to create it. Vessels require you to guess the correct requium order to be able to kill the boss to officially add the vessel to your pickaxe! You are able to view your previous requium attempts inside of the /mine vessels menu.

Each vessel has unique abilities reflecting its element type. The more vessels you add to your pickaxe the stronger the next level of the vessel will be. To level up a vessel simply add the same vessel to the same pickaxe (quirk doesn't matter) Once you have completed the vessel it will level that certain vessel up on your pickaxe.

Requiums: Three of these are needed in the correct order to defeat and damage the vessel boss. You can randomly guess and try to find out the correct order or you can kill thralls. Killing thralls will give you progress to unlocking the correct requium needed for that slot. Once you obtain 100% in a certain slot it will tell you the correct requium to use. (You can view your previous requium attempts for that vessel in /mine vessels and selecting the (previous attempts book). You obtain requiums from artifacts!

Quirks: Each vessel has a chance to come with a unique quick which gives it a unique ability. The abilities are listed below.

Fire Damage Immunity
Projectile Immunity
Slowness Immunity
Life Steal
Armor Piercing
Enhanced Speed

Thralls: Thralls are little creatures that spawn when mining certain ores. Killing these will give you anger progress and progress towards unlocking the correct requiums. There is a 2 minute cooldown between finding thralls.