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Hi All,

We had updated and upgraded our chat plugin on the Network.

When you join you will be automatically put into the
[Global] chat channel, and everyone can see and chat in this channel.

There are 7 channels you are able to join/leave and chat in. To see the channel list do

Global -
TownyChat - /tchat
IndChat - /ichat
Dark Chat - /dchat
SkyChat - /schat
CreativeChat - /cchat
Donator - /d (permissions needed)
Trade -
Local - /lchat

If you want to join a channel do - /join [name]
If you want to leave a channel do - /leave [name]

So for example, I want to just see and hear towny server chat, I would do - /join tchat then do - /leave gchat

You can listen to any of the channels using /listen [channel]
You can stop listening to any of the channels using /leave [channel]

You can see who is listening on each channel by doing /chwho [channelname]

Sending direct messages is the same as before - /tell, /msg etc