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Stock Market Plugin Info and Commands

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Stock Market Plugin

Welcome to the Stock Market plugin. This is a fun way to teach yourself how the stock market works and learn about the dangers, or gains you may get from trading shares in real life.

To get to the stock market and trade with the stockbroker, type
/warp stockmarket

You will need to be rank 2 to access the commands below and use the stock broker. See /ranks or do /rankup

*** Please note that you can only trade shares that are quoted on the NASDAQ 100 index ***

Below are the commands you need to buy, sell etc and use the plugin. It will be handy to know the 'ticker' name (3 or 4 letter code) for the stocks you want to buy or sell:
  • /stocks buy [ticker] [amount] - buy specified amount of stock

  • /stocks sell [ticker] [amount] - sell specified stock and the number of shares

  • /stocks sellall - sell all stock you own

  • /stocks portfolio - Opens inventory GUI of stocks you own or someone else owns

  • /stocks check - check price of specified stock

  • /stocks popular | pop - Opens inventory GUI of popular stocks (member+ ranks can use this command).

If there are other shares you wish to trade, please let me know the Ticker symbol and I will look to see if I can add them.

We wish you all the best of luck in your trading careers!!!

Staff Team
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