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Valentines Build Competition!

You heard correctly! It's time for the first build competition since the server merge, and this time of the year we are feeling the love in the air!


Valentines Day is just around the corner, and we think it is the perfect opportunity to give you all a competition to get the love flowing. For the next 2 weeks (1st-14th Feb) the competition will be active and builds on any server can be entered. Though the base theme of the build competition is Valentines Day, we will be looking for builds that incorporate the theme 'a cosy place' along with the typical themes you would normally see associated with the day.

You can create this in any server, including creative age if you would prefer to build without the typical restrictions of resources - however, points may be added for effort in making the build in a non creative age.

The judgement of this competition will take place the week after, and a winner will be announced on the 21st of February. Prizes for each placement in the competition will be announced within the next week.

In order to enter please create a new forum post under 'Creative Age - Build Competition' with an appropriate name for the build, include pictures of the build, a description if you feel it needs one, which server it is on, and co-ordinates to the build.