Launch weekend, May Monthly Special and bug fixes

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The launch of the server was amazing, welcome everybody! I'm very proud of how the server launch went and I want to thank you all for all the positive feedback that we've been receiving. We have received lots of suggestions and improvements which we can make to the server and I look forward to implementing them.

Each month, there is a store special which includes exclusive items relative to that month. Today I am presenting the May Monthly Special which contains items relative to the server launch as well as a bonus item... may the fourth be with you!

The May Monthly Special:

Purchase the May 2017 Monthly Special HERE!

I have also fixed various bugs, and I am going to continue working through them:

  • Added automatic tab refresh
  • Added...

Welcome to HCSurvival

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Welcome to HCSurvival! We set out with one simple goal; to create the best multiplayer survival experience. Everything we ever dreamt of in a survival server. If you're reading this then it means we made it to launch, which at times I didn't think was possible. Months of hard work and too much coffee has resulted in what we present you with today.​

If you come across any issues (which I'm betting on), please let us know here.

We hope you enjoy HCSurvival and will join us in our journey of being the best Minecraft survival server.

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