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Industrial II feature list

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Industrial II is almost complete, and today I present to you the feature list at launch.

As in the name, it will be close to the previous Industrial server that we all know and loved :)

All listed features are 100% complete and ready to go:

Gold Shovel Claiming - New: Press the 'F' Key to Claim Chunks quickly
mcMMO Ranks - Unlock the new Tinkerer & Mechanist Ranks
Vote Ranks - Are you Loyal, Dedicated or Devoted?
Full Economy - Buy & Sell prices on lots of items - includes Spawners!
myPet - New: Unlock pets with mcMMO levels
The Hangar - PvP Area with Loot Drops - Old style 1.8 Combat
Crews - Similar to Guilds
Quests - Complete quests for Cash
Crates - Get Keys from Voting & Vote Parties
Fishing Contests
Player Market
Daily Rewards
All new Industrial themed builds, of course

A few...

Industrial II "Coming Soon"

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Industrial II, the latest Age in our Industrial themed Minecraft Survival series is coming soon.

Get ready to play and watch this space over the coming weeks! #INDUSTRIALII #HYYPEEE


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The Alien Age will be retired in the coming weeks/months and replaced with a new Age inspired by Industrial.

All world mods which allow you to save parts of the world (WorldDownloader, Schematica, Printer, etc.) are now allowed. We encourage you to save any builds which you would like to keep as we cannot guarantee that a world download will be logistically possible.

If you need help with schematics/world downloads, post in staff-help and we'll do our best to assist.

That's all for now, watch this space over the coming weeks while we prepare a new beginning for MC-Ages.

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