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October Top Voters, November Free Gift, Draw Winners, Egyptian Q&A

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Thank you for being patient, there was a sandstorm... ;) But seriously, we are busy preparing for the journey to Egypt, which is why this is a little late..!
  • October Top Voters
  • November Free Gift
  • Draw Winners
  • Egyptian Q&A
October Top Voters
Thank you once again to everyone that continues to vote and help us flourish. The Top Voters for October are as follows:
  1. drikke ($25 STORE COUPON)
  2. wattlegum ($10 STORE COUPON)
  3. Sabian187 ($5 STORE COUPON)
Congratulations! Contact an Admin to redeem your coupons.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All active coupons must be redeemed by NOVEMBER 30). ...


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We are taking a trip... to the Egyptian age!
Battle awaits you... are you eager? The PvP server is coming and it is full of death and destruction!
  • Open world PvP
  • Redefining what difficult means in Minecraft. Wait until you bump into an Egyptian God while mining...
  • Leaderboards w/ rewards
  • Seasonal based server with lots more surprises...

Get a squad together. You will not want to brave the wilderness alone! Explore the map. There's lots of loot lying around Egypt...

We need you! Apply to become a Helper

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We need you! The server is growing and so we would love to expand our team. Do you enjoy helping others and want to learn more about MC-Ages? Apply to become a Helper today here! Thank you!

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