A new direction

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Hey everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that I am back after I have been settling into my new place. This is a big announcement, so I would appreciate if you read it all!

Since the server launched, the number of player joins has been poor compared to what it should be, and this has then resulted in poor performance across the board. This is due to multiple reasons, but one of the more obvious reasons is because the server is named "HCSurvival" - the name alone puts casual players off joining because it sounds too hard (even though we all know it isn't ;)). This made lots of advertising campaigns unsuccessful for the price they cost. Furthermore, we are trying to compete with servers that have a plethora of games, and as such they are much more successful in getting new players.

As we only advertise to survival players, we are only getting say 1/4 of the player joins (compared to a network with 4 games). This, you guessed it, leads to less advertising performance and stops us from...

Rules changes

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This is a quick announcement because we are changing our rules so that they are more suited to what you have asked for. Read more at As highlighted in that post, there is also a 50% sale on pouches:!

A few players have been asking what has happened to the server. I've previously mentioned that I am currently in the process of moving, and we are also trying to make lots of positive changes to the server before we advertise again. Advertising costs anywhere from $400-$20000, which we simply can't afford to continuesly do. Our results from advertising haven't been great either, which is another reason why we want to make changes before we launch new campaigns.


September Events

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New month, new events :cool: Good luck everyone and I hope you all join in!!
Apologies this is up late we've been quite busy, hopefully you can all get going on the build event this weekend!!

Build Event
We're trying something completely new this month! Last months build-offs were great but we think it'd be better to try some quicker build contests. Hopefully this will mean more of you can join in!
Note: Any builds made before the week start date will be disqualified. Build entries must have coordinates in the post.

We will have one build event per week these must be done alone, voting will commence for 48 hours at the end of each...

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