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  1. Tirco

    Mini Competition - Build a Car!

    Hello crafters! For an upcoming project, I am in need of small car builds. I figured I could reach out to the community for help with this. Which brings us to this mini-competition! :) Instructions: - Build a car / Vehicle - The vehicle can be no more than 3 wide (5 wide if buttons / smaller...
  2. Cobrex

    Server Chat

    Hi All, We had updated and upgraded our chat plugin on the Network. When you join you will be automatically put into the [Global] chat channel, and everyone can see and chat in this channel. There are 7 channels you are able to join/leave and chat in. To see the channel list do /chlist...
  3. Cobrex

    Creative Age commands

    CLAIMING /plot claim - claims the plot you are standing in (you can claim up to 4 plots) /plot auto (this will auto allocate the next numerical plot that is free from (0,0) /plot delete /plot swap <X;Z> /plot move <X;Z> TELEPORT /plot visit [player|alais|world|id] - visit another...