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Hello crafters!

For an upcoming project, I am in need of small car builds.
I figured I could reach out to the community for help with this.
Which brings us to this mini-competition! :)

- Build a car / Vehicle
- The vehicle can be no more than 3 wide (5 wide if buttons / smaller details are on the sides). See the image above as an example.
- The vehicle can not be more than 8 long.
- The vehicle should be built in the creative world. (/c-age)
- You can submit multiple vehicles. (You'll only be eligible for 1 reward, but I'll appreciate the extra cars!)
- To submit a completed vehicle, simply comment on this thread with the coordinates of your vehicle or plot with the vehicles in.
- Do not copy builds from google. I can do that myself tyvm...
The builds must be submitted before June 30th.

- You get an unknown reward (novelty item) in a upcoming project scheduled to release this summer.
- To be eligible to get a reward your build must be of a quality worthy of being used in the project.
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i got these from a friends build we had on a private world so im not 100% sure whether he got them from google but im going to assume he didnt as hes a pretty good builder. hopefully you like the cars :) ive left 2 designs and might build more if i come up with ideas of my own.
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