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MC-Ages - Minecraft 1.13.1 Small Survival Server

Halloween on MC-Ages

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Hi everyone :) Halloween is getting closer...! We'll be running lots of events throughout the month with more surprises as we get closer to Halloween! In today's update...
  1. Leaks: What's to come
  2. Halloween Skins Draw
  3. Halloween Build Draw
  4. Giveaway
  5. Content Update: Auctions
Leaks: What's to come
We are working on a minigame for the Halloween period! It is almost ready! It is a very simple minigame that will be accessed from the Hub. It will stick around until the beginning of November. Who knows, if it is popular maybe we'll add permanent minigames :cool:

We also may or may not have a Haunted House coming....

[COLOR=rgb(147, 101...

Machine Play Rank, October Free Gift, September Winners

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October is here... my favorite month of the year :eek: Muahahaa time to announce some treats! In today's post...
  1. 'Machine' Play Rank
  2. October Free Gift
  3. September Top Voters & Build Winner
'Machine' Play Rank
Similar to the Hardcore rank from the old Survival, the Machine rank is now available for the true Machines of the server...! The requirements are very steep. This is an upgrade from Member which comes with a very exclusive prefix, your own server warp and more! See the full details here.

October Free Gift
The October Free Gift is available now! Head on a mining adventure with the Mining Clue...

Guilds, Clue Scrolls, Mining World Reset

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Happy Labor Day to all the Uncle Sams' out there! This is a small announcement with some new features!

Group up with your friends! Out now on Survival! Full details:

Clue Scrolls

Some players have been seen and been given these in-game to test! Clue Scrolls are a new type of quest where you must unveil certain clues. You can buy Clue Scrolls for xp in /cluescroll. There is just 1 scroll for now. Once testing is complete, we'll have lots of new Clue Scrolls!

Mining World

The Mining world has now been reset! Feel free to get back to digging it all up!

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