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05 Feb
Player Markets
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Player Markets!!!


Our player market shops are now open!!!

Players are now abled to rent shop spaces at the docks to sell items to other players.


All shops have specific weekly rental prices, based on the size of the shop. To get to the players market type /warp market. You will then warp into the centre of the region where all player shops are located. There is room to expand further in the future is shop spaces become limited.

Holders of pwarps with grinders will also be able to have a shop at their pwarp, however it will only be for selling items from the grinder. These shops can only be set up by...
29 Jan
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Our new vehicles dealership is now open and all vehicles are now enabled.

Please note that vehicles can only be used on the main industrial world.

Why not come and have a look at what vehicles you are able to buy, visit /warp vehicles to see them up close and personal.

In order to purchase a vehicle, you need to do /vehicles. This GUI will give you information on the vehicles available and at what in-game rank you need in order to buy or use that particular vehicle. There is no point in buying a vehicle from a player if you do not have the in-game rank.

All vehicles require fuel, and this can be bought...
23 Dec
MC-Ages 1.18!!!!!
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Cliffs & Caves 1.18 Part II

Well, here it is, the news you have all be hoping for, or dreading, 1.18 is coming to MC-Ages!!!!!

Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you to you all for your support, fun, laughter and great community you all are.

I have spent a lot of time thinking over this update and trust me, the decision I have made has not been easy. In fact it didn't matter which way I decided to go, I was always going to upset some of our wonderful and dedicated community, however, with the way future updates are looking, I decided that I no choice but to make the decision I have.

So, on the
27th December (assuming I can get everything set up and working) the majority of servers will have...