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24 Dec
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Welcome to the newest addition to MC-Ages


Father Christmas has arrived, and this will be launched on the network on either the 25th of December.

This will be available on I-Age, T-Age, D-Age, S-Age and O-Age

Pyrofarming is a new way to farm and earn money and will be available on all of the main game servers. The concept is simple, but as you get deeper into it, the more complicated it becomes, with upgrades, skill levels, elysium, traits, pyrofarming xp and more.

To get started, you’ll need to craft a growstation. The menu can be found in the crafting list by searching growstation:


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01 Dec
Christmas 2023
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Winter / Christmas Event 2023
It is that time of year when the snow starts to fall, the mountain tops become white and we start looking forward to the season of good will and time to be spent with family and friends.

Here at MC-Ages, we also like to celebrate this time of year so, welcome to the Winter Spawn:


But of course, that is not it, there is more, much much more for you to do, other than explore the spawn and have a snowball fight!!

Why not hop over to...
01 May
Industrial gets Machines!!!
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Machines for Industrial Age

After months of looking, then testing and awaiting updates, MACHINES are finally here for Industrial.

Currently there are 12 machine units for you to purchase in-game and get your claim industrialised. Your in-game rank will determine which machines you have access to. All working machines will need to be connected to a power source generator. Power can also be stored up in batteries.

To see the range available do
/machine shop in-game to access the GUI. If you want to see what the machines look like, then go to /warp machines.

To access the machine's inventory menu, you need to sneak and right click the machine, but please ensure you have...