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Welcome to the newest addition to MC-Ages


Father Christmas has arrived, and this will be launched on the network on either the 25th of December.

This will be available on I-Age, T-Age, D-Age, S-Age and O-Age

Pyrofarming is a new way to farm and earn money and will be available on all of the main game servers. The concept is simple, but as you get deeper into it, the more complicated it becomes, with upgrades, skill levels, elysium, traits, pyrofarming xp and more.

To get started, you’ll need to craft a growstation. The menu can be found in the crafting list by searching growstation:



At the start, you can have a maximum of 10 growstations. The growstation is what you use to grow your plants. Only one plant at a time can be planted in each growstation, however, some plants will yield crops multiple times so be sure to check the status of the plant.

The growstation also has an inventory which it uses to store plants that have multiple yield phases. See below:

When the plant is in the multi-production phase, the pot will have a Lily of the Valley in it (left pot). DO NOT harvest it now as you will loose all the production phase. Once all production is completed it will change to an Allium (on the right) to show that that all production is complete and is ready for harvest.
Be sure the climate conditions match the seed you are trying to plant, and ensure you keep it watered, or else it will not grow.

Crops can be bought from the
/farm shop, depending on your level will determine what crops you are able to buy and farm. There are two types, plants and bushes. Plants are planted in the growstation, bushes are planted (placed) on a surface.

Right clicking the growstation will open the menu, there you can see what level it is, saturation, what crop is growing, remaining grow time, traits and more.


To sell your harvest, type /farm market.

Once you have levelled up enough, you’ll be able to access your skill archive. The skill archive requires crafting. The item requirements can be found in the crafting menu by searching skill.


Once crafted be very careful where you place it, as it will create a tree and the tree must have space to grow as you rise up the skill ranks, so choose your spot carefully.


Once placed, you will have a lot of options to review and decide what skill you are going to upgrade. Some skills are permanent and some are non-permanent. You can decide which you want to upgrade depending on the benefits / costs of each.

Once you are further into to game, if you right click a composter with your hoe, there are special items you are able to craft to support your growstations. However, the the crafting of these items are Pyrofarming level restricted and require some special items that can only be obtained from farming certain Pyrofarming plants and bushes.

NW6Ov4tlrV.png TVjIN8dFBq.png

Good luck and happy farming!!


/farm menu – opens the menu
/farm shop – opens the shop to purchase crops and bushes
/farm market – GUI to sell your crops
/farm codex – Plant and bush information
/farm elysium – Pyrofarming currency to used for upgrades to growstations and skill archive.

Traits information

Dehydration – causes the plants to take +1 water per second

Corrosion – Deals 3 seconds of Poison III damage to nearby entities
Venom – Deals 2 seconds of Poison II damage and 1 second of Wither II to nearby entities
Restrain – Inflicts 5 seconds of Slow 3 to nearby entities.
Attractor – Pulls nearby items and puts them in an adjacent chest.
Slice n’ dice – Deals 5 damage to nearby entities.

The will be more content as time progresses, like food orders, harvesting hoes and more. Keep an eye on this wiki and discord for more information.