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  1. Cobrex

    Deadly Disasters 2/2

    Deadly Disasters The mobs, items and crafting can only be done on the mining server and are only effective there. This page details the items, mobs, drops that can be obtained/crafted. Items Plague Cure: This can be crafted with 4 ink sacs (Or glow ink sacs in version 8.0+) and an awkward...
  2. Cobrex

    Deadly Disasters 1/2

    Deadly Disasters As the name suggests, these are deadly events that randomly occur on the mining servers of Towny and Industrial. Be aware that hey can cause massive damage and death, so be alert of what is going on around you!! This page will give you more information on the disasters...
  3. Cobrex

    Player Markets

    Player Markets!!! Our player market shops are now open!!! Players are now abled to rent shop spaces at the docks to sell items to other players. All shops have specific weekly rental prices, based on the size of the shop. To get to the players market type /warp market. You will then...
  4. Cobrex


    VEHICLES Our new vehicles dealership is now open and all vehicles are now enabled. Please note that vehicles can only be used on the main industrial world. Why not come and have a look at what vehicles you are able to buy, visit /warp vehicles to see them up close and personal. In order...
  5. Cobrex

    MC-Ages 1.18!!!!!

    Cliffs & Caves 1.18 Part II Well, here it is, the news you have all be hoping for, or dreading, 1.18 is coming to MC-Ages!!!!! Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you to you all for your support, fun, laughter and great community you all are. I have spent a lot of time thinking over this...
  6. Cobrex

    Bedrock In-game Links

    There are several in-game links that cannot be accessed from the Minecraft Bedrock edition. List below are the commands and links to get to where you need to go: /post - click - link to the forum to get whitelisted /buy - click - link to the donor store /store - click - link to the donor...
  7. Cobrex

    Cross-platform Compatibility

    Hi all, Following a lot of work and updates, MC-Ages is now open to all Bedrock players on console PE and windows 10. MC-Ages is now a truly cross-platform network. Please be aware that there are limitations owing to the way Bedrock is coded, like in-chat clickable links etc, however the...
  8. Cobrex

    Bedrock Clients - How to connect to MC-Ages from console and windows

    Hi all, Here is the MC-Ages guide to connecting from a Bedrock client on consoles or windows 10. The two most important pieces of information needed are the following: Server IP: Port: 25566. Detailed below are the step by step guides for each of the platforms that Bedrock is...
  9. Cobrex

    Grief Prevention commands list

    On the Industrial server you will need to create your claim to secure and save your items. The initial claim can be done by just placing a chest, or using a golden shovel. To get the golden shovel, do /kit claim. You will need this to expand our claim in the future, or subdivide your claim...
  10. Cobrex

    Jobs Plugin

    Jobs An addition to the T-Age server is the jobs plugin. Earn money while you build your town, clear land and farm. You can even earn money working for other players clearing their land if you wish. There are currently 12 different jobs you can earn money with. At the start of your ranks, you...