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Welcome to the commands page for O-Age

Welcome to the One Age server, our newest game-mode on MC-Ages.

Build you empire and amazing creations from mining one source block. Work through the One phases and obtain different blocks. Careful as you mine the source block as there are surprises as you go.

Here is a list of some of the commands you will need while playing the server:

/ob help or /obhelp - opens the help gui menu
/ob top - shows the top islands on the server
/obcommands - opens a menu of the basic commands

/ob create - creates your new island

/ob team - shows members of your Island team
/ob team invite [name] - invite a player to become a member of your island
/ob team kick [name] - removes a player from your team and island
/ob team coop [name] - coops a player to your team

/ob team promote {name] - shows members of your Island team
/ob team leave - leaves the team you are with
/ob team reject - rejects the invite you have been sent
/ob team setowner [name] - current owner can change ownership with this command

/ob setname [name] - Changes the name of your island
/ob bank [balance/baltop/statement/deposit/withdraw]- shows information about your One Island Bank
/ob biomes - choose your biome
/ob border - toggles your border on and off
/ob controlpanel - opens your settings GUI for your Island
/ob count - shows the number of blocks broken from the source block and your phase

/ob create - create your new OneBlock island
/ob greenhouse - opens your greenhouse settings GUI
/ob team invite [name] - invite a player to become a member of your island
/ob level - recalculates your OB level
/ob likes - opens the like GUI
/ob likes top - opens top likes GUI
/ob likes view [player] - opens a GUI to see your likes

/ob near - lists who is near your island
/ob phases - GUI showing all the phases and highlights which one you are on
/ob renamehome [home name] - renames your named home

/ob reset - this will restart your island. Be ware this will remove all your inventory
/ob resetname - resets your island name to the default name
/ob respawnBlock - respawns your source block if it disappears
/ob sethome / delhome - sets / removes your island home
/ob setname [name] - sets your OB island name
/ob settings - open the settings GUI for your OB island

/ob top - the One Age leader board of island values
/ob value - opens the list of blocks and their value of the block your are holding
/ob value hand - gives the value of the block your are holding
/ob visit - opens a GUI when you can visit other player's islands

/ob visit configure - opens your One block GUI to configure visiting
/ob visit setlocation - sets the spawn location for visitors

/ob warp - visit islands warps that have been set. To make a warp, place a sign with [Welcome] on the top

Team Commands

/ob expel - expels a player from your island
/ob ban [name] - bans a player from your island
/ob unban [ name] - unbans a banned player

Other Commands

/minion store - opens the minions store (requires Raiju rank+)
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