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Hi all,

Following a lot of work and updates,

MC-Ages is now open to all Bedrock players on console PE and windows 10.


MC-Ages is now a truly cross-platform network.

Please be aware that there are limitations owing to the way Bedrock is coded, like in-chat clickable links etc, however the core experience that Bedrock players will get, will be the same as Java players, which is great news.

You will join the server grey-listed, as all new players do, to get whitelisted, you will either need to click
HERE or do !post in our discord to get the link. If you do not have a twitch account to log into the forum, please contact staff in-game.

If you have friends or are now to the server as a Bedrock player, please see the information thread on '
How to connect to MC-Ages with a Bedrock client'.

As time progresses I am sure that the development community will continue to improve the compatibility between the two platforms.

We look forward to welcoming our cousins from the Bedrock community to MC-Ages' Java network.