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One Age


Opening 25th October 2022

MC-Ages is pleased to announce the launch of our newest server, One Age. This is built around the classic OneBlock gamemode. You start on a single block in the sky. This block is your core minable block and you keep mining this block to get more blocks and loot to build with. This block cannot be moved so your new home will be built around it.

All global ranks will apply on this server also.

The new server will boast the following features:

  • Ranks - In-game ranks [/ranks] that provide you with better perks as you rise through the ranks.

  • Quests - there are over 150 quests [/quests] for you to challenge yourselves with, from killing mobs to smelting blocks

  • Generators - these are special single blocks that generate a certain type of block. Different generators will supply you with different blocks

  • Minions - Yes!!! You can have 'mini yous' doing the work while you level up your island, build and complete quests etc. See /minions store for details.

  • KoTH - King of the Hill. This is your supply drop, boss killing and PvP area. You have to be brave to venture into this arena. Can you stay on long enough to win?

As well as this there are core features that appear on our server, like; McMMO, Jobs and Shop, however, there is so much more to discover as build your empire on our new One Age server.

We are looking forward to saying hello!