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Winter / Christmas Event 2023
It is that time of year when the snow starts to fall, the mountain tops become white and we start looking forward to the season of good will and time to be spent with family and friends.

Here at MC-Ages, we also like to celebrate this time of year so, welcome to the Winter Spawn:


But of course, that is not it, there is more, much much more for you to do, other than explore the spawn and have a snowball fight!!

Why not hop over to our are event arena, where you can explore, fish, have a snowball fight, and of course parkour.


But there is more.............

Be sure to collect all the winter 'gold coins' over the period. All the coins that you collect from the NPC's in the fishing hut can be exchanged on a server of your choice for items available from exchange NPC's on the Towny, Industrial, Dark, Skyblock and OneBlock servers. The 'gold coins' can be collected in several ways so be sure to try everything and good luck!

On all the server our annual Christmas Cracker is now running until Christmas day, so enjoy! Type /advent

My staff and I would like to wish you all a very merry and happy Christmas Season!!