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Our new vehicles dealership is now open and all vehicles are now enabled.

Please note that vehicles can only be used on the main industrial world.

Why not come and have a look at what vehicles you are able to buy, visit /warp vehicles to see them up close and personal.

In order to purchase a vehicle, you need to do /vehicles. This GUI will give you information on the vehicles available and at what in-game rank you need in order to buy or use that particular vehicle. There is no point in buying a vehicle from a player if you do not have the in-game rank.

All vehicles require fuel, and this can be bought from the same GUI. In order to fuel your vehicle, place the vehicle, then sneak and right click to fuel it.

For the Tractor, to enable planting you will need to access the trunk, so to do this sneak and left click and place what you want to plant in the trunk. The Tractor will then farm and plant as you drive around your farm!!

Please note that the weapons option on the tank and helicopter are disabled.


The vehicle donor shop is now also available. These are exclusive to donors and can only be used by donors, so please do not buy a vehicle and see it to a non-donor, or a donor at a lower rank than the rank listed in the /vehicles_donor GUI

All vehicles have two requirements, your donor rank and in-game.

Have fun riding around on your vehicle!!


Have fun riding around on your vehicle!!