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Player Markets!!!


Our player market shops are now open!!!

Players are now abled to rent shop spaces at the docks to sell items to other players.


All shops have specific weekly rental prices, based on the size of the shop. To get to the players market type /warp market. You will then warp into the centre of the region where all player shops are located. There is room to expand further in the future is shop spaces become limited.

Holders of pwarps with grinders will also be able to have a shop at their pwarp, however it will only be for selling items from the grinder. These shops can only be set up by Admin+ so if you want a shop at your pwarp, please give the team a shout, or open a ticket.

There are limits on the number of shops you can rent, so please see in game /ranks for when you are able to rent a shop space.

The pwarp limits are in addition to the main market shop area and are set according to the number of pwarps you are able to set.

Have fun and get trading :)