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Deadly Disasters

The mobs, items and crafting can only be done on the mining server and are only effective there.

This page details the items, mobs, drops that can be obtained/crafted.


Plague Cure:
This can be crafted with 4 ink sacs (Or glow ink sacs in version 8.0+) and an awkward potion. Upon consuming it if you are infected by the plague it will immediately remove all plague effects and notify you that you have been cured.


Voids Wrath:
An unstable weapon that when fully charged the arrows create unstable rifts which pull anything nearby into the void. These weapons are a rare drop from Void Archers.


Ancient Blade:
An old relic imbued with ancient fire magic, can cast fire spells that burn all in its path. Can only be crafted with a netherite sword, nether star, 3 ancient bones, and 2 ancient cloth.


Dangerous Mobs

Lost Soul:
Souls of the dead that got lost and wander in the nether forever, are seen during souls storms and attack players to try and steal their bodies and return to life.

Ancient Skeleton:
These are ancient skeletons buried deep down in deserts and come out during sandstorms. They raise their own skeleton armies to fight for them and can shoot fire spells at their prey. Have a chance to drop ancient bones when killed.

Ancient Mummy:
Creatures from ancient times that are cursed to roam the earth forever and blindly attack anyone they see. When they first see their prey they do a quick charge attack, upon being damaged by these creatures the prey is given weakness. They have a chance to drop ancient cloth when killed.

End Totem:
A unique mob from the void that can sense disasters before they happen, these creatures spawn during end storms. Baby versions can be tamed with ghast tears and healed with chorus fruit. Will spin violently if within 100 blocks of where a disaster is about to occur (Does not apply to disasters spawned by admin commands). To obtain this pet you must use a void shard to open a rift that void mobs will spawn out of. Void shards are a rare drop from end totems.

End Worm:
These are large creatures that burrow underground and attack their prey from below. End Worms spawn in end storms and can be attacked when they pop out of the ground.

Void Guardian:
These are dangerous creatures that guard the void, they have lots of health and naturally heal very quickly. Void Guardians do more damage when they have less health, when their health is below 50% they enter a rage mode where they do a lot more damage and run very quickly. They have a rare chance to drop their shield or sword.

Void Archer:
These archers are dangerous creatures of the void with strong abilities, they can open a rift to teleport away when damaged. Void Archers carry bows that are capable of opening unstable rifts, they have a rare chance of dropping them.

Void Stalker:
Unknown creatures that have no physical body and fly around during end storms. Upon being damaged by these creatures the prey is blinded and slowed.