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  1. Tirco

    Building Competition - August, 2021

    August is here, and it's about time we engaged you all in a new Build Competition! With park-age released, we have something special lined up for you. When Halloween comes around, we want to make sure there's a small event available with some spooky stuff, just like we do on all the other ages...
  2. Tirco

    Park Age Release Post

    Park Age will release on July 16th, 2021...
  3. Cobrex

    Bedrock In-game Links

    There are several in-game links that cannot be accessed from the Minecraft Bedrock edition. List below are the commands and links to get to where you need to go: /post - click /buy - click /store - click /vote - click Please note that purchase from the on-line store will not be applied...
  4. Cobrex

    Bedrock Clients - How to connect to MC-Ages from console and windows

    Hi all, Here is the MC-Ages guide to connecting from a Bedrock client on consoles or windows 10. The two most important pieces of information needed are the following: Server IP: Port: 25565. Detailed below are the step by step guides for each of the platforms that Bedrock is...
  5. Cobrex

    Easter Egg Hunt Event

    ..... AND THE HUNT IS ON.......... What a great time all our hunters had looking for the special eggs. The event was run on both the Towny and Industrial servers. All players that participated received event armour and an in game tag. Once the event was opened, our trepid hunters entered...
  6. Cobrex

    Skyblock commands

    Welcome to the Skyblock server, our newest game-mode on MC-Ages. Create your island and start building in the sky. You start with a few items in a chest, but do not fall off as you begin to re-shape your island and generator some more materials with your cobble-stone generator (that you need to...
  7. Cobrex

    MyPet Information and Commands

    Information MyPet allows you to tame and keep pets on I-Age, T-Age and the S-Age servers. In order to capture a pet you will need: 1) A lead 2) Certain McMMO levels for each type of mob, hostile or friendly 3) Activate the pet capture /pch. To make any mob a pet, hold a lead in your hand and...
  8. Cobrex

    Pyro Fishing

    Welcome to our newest game – Pyro-fishing. This brings a significant upgrade to both vanilla fishing AND the fishing contest. This is a brief guide to the commands, features, tasks and prizes that you can get while fishing on TownyQuest. Working from left to right in the main section of the...
  9. Cobrex

    Creative Age commands

    CLAIMING /plot claim - claims the plot you are standing in (you can claim up to 4 plots) /plot auto (this will auto allocate the next numerical plot that is free from (0,0) /plot delete /plot swap <X;Z> /plot move <X;Z> TELEPORT /plot visit [player|alais|world|id] - visit another...
  10. Cobrex

    Server Merging

    Good news!!!!! The new hub is built and ready (oh my, it looks sooooooooo good!!!) A sneaky peek for you all: The servers will be merging on Saturday. Therefore the servers will be taken down at 2:00pm (UK) / 9:00am (eastern). I am hoping the servers will be down for around an hour while I...