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MyPet allows you to tame and keep pets. In order to capture a pet you will need:

1) A custom lead that can be obtained from voting crates and vote party crates, or from players that have surplus.

mypet leash.png

2) Rank 2 is required on Towny
2) Certain McMMO levels are needed for each type of mob, hostile or friendly - type
/pets for more information
3) Activate the pet capture

To make any mob a pet, hold a lead in your hand and beat the mob until its health is virtually zero. On the next hit you will then 'capture' the mob and it will become your pet. Please note that certain mobs require you to tame them before being able to capture them as a pet. Please note that you cannot pet the following: Ender Dragon, Ghast, Giant and Wither.


/pets - shows you the pets that have a requirement to be met before being able to be made a MyPet pet.

/mypet - shows all available MyPet commands.

/petinfo [username] (or /pinfo) - shows information about your own or other player's pets.

/petinfo (or /petname) [new-pet-name] - sets the name of your pet. MC colour names can also be used, e.g. , etc.

/petrelease [pet-name] - release your pet so you don't have a pet anymore.

/petcall (/pc /petc) - teleports your pet to you

/petsendaway (/psa /petsa) - sends your pet away. You can still call it back using /petcall.

/petrespawn (/petr /pr) [pay or show or auto]
- Example: A player used /petrespawn auto 10 and the pet dies and has a respawn time of 16 seconds. Now the plugin will wait until the respawntime is 10 seconds and then respawn the pet when the owner can pay the respawn fee.

/petswitch (/pswitch) - allows you to switch between pets.

/petstore (/pstore /pst) - allows you to store your active pet. Stored pets can be retrieved by the /petswitch command.

/pettrade <player name> <price> - Offers your current pet to another player. (see /ranks per server for access to this command)

/pettrade (/pett /pt) [accept/reject/cancel] - Commands for the offered pet trade.

/petskill or /petskill [playername] - shows info about the skills of your pet, or another player's pet

/petstop (/ps /pets) - orders your pet to stop attacking its target (ineffective with farm and aggressive behaviour modes).

/petchooseskilltree (/pcst /petcst) - shows all available skilltrees and lets you select a skill tree for your pet.

Your pet will level up as you level up, just gain exp and your pet will to, as long as they are not in storage.


/petcapturehelper (/pch) - enables or disables the petcapture mode (you need to have a lead in your hand).

/petoptions[settings] - options for healthbar, idle-volume.

Skill Commands

/petinventory (/pi /peti) - opens inventory of your pet.

/petpickup (/pp /petp) - toggle on/off you pet pickin up items.

/petbehaviour [mode] (/pb /petb) - modesfor your pet are; [friendly], [normal], [farm], [raid], [duel].

/petbeacon (/pbeacon) - opens the beacon window of your pet.