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Welcome to the Skyblock server, our newest game-mode on MC-Ages.

Create your island and start building in the sky. You start with a few items in a chest, but do not fall off as you begin to re-shape your island and generator some more materials with your cobble-stone generator (that you need to build) but be very careful not to turn your lava into obsidien!!

Here is a list of some of the commands you will need while playing the server:

/help - opens the help gui menu
/is help - opens the main is help menu

/is create - creates your new island

/generator - opens the generator upgrades menu. Shows the rank and IS level needed for the next upgrade

/is top - see a list of the top IS-Level Islands
/is missions - opens your island missions list
/is settings - opens your Island settings menu
/is upgrade - opens the upgrades GUI menu for your island
/is permissions - opens our Island permissions list for members and visitors to your Island
/is invite [name] - invite a player to become a member of your island
/is accept - accept an IS invite

/is close - closes your island to visitors
/is promote [name] - promotes a member of your team to an Island staff position
/is team - shows members of your Island team
/is warp - sets a warp point on your island
/is recalc - runs a re-calculation of your IS worth and level
/is deposit - deposit money into your Island bank
/is toggle blocks - toggle block stacking on/off
/is toggle border - toggle your border on/off
/is coop [name] - co-oped another player to your island temporarily

/is uncoop [name] - unco-oped another player from your island
/is setrole [role] [name] - give a member of your island a role. Choose from

Island Staff Commands

/is kick [name] - kicks a member from your island team
/is demote [name] - demotes a player's Island rank
/is withdraw [amount] - withdraw money form your Island bank
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