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Welcome to the Skyblock server, our newest game-mode on MC-Ages.

Create your island and start building in the sky. You start with a few items in a chest, but do not fall off as you begin to re-shape your island and generator some more materials with your cobble-stone generator (that you need to build) but be very careful not to turn your lava into obsidien!!

At IS Level 23, you will also unlock your Nether Island, and the cobblestone generator has been set up to generate some nether blocks for you to build and expand your island.

Here is a list of some of the commands you will need while playing the server:

/help - opens the help gui menu
/is help - opens the main is help menu

/is create - creates your new island

/generator - opens the generator upgrades menu. Shows the rank and IS level needed for the next upgrade

/is top - see a list of the top IS-Level Islands
/is missions - opens your island missions list
/is settings - opens your Island settings menu
/is upgrade - opens the upgrades GUI menu for your island
/is permissions - opens our Island permissions list for members and visitors to your Island
/is invite [name] - invite a player to become a member of your island
/is accept - accept an IS invite

/is close - closes your island to visitors
/is promote [name] - promotes a member of your team to an Island staff position
/is team - shows members of your Island team
/is warp - sets a warp point on your island
/is recalc - runs a re-calculation of your IS worth and level
/is deposit - deposit money into your Island bank
/is toggle blocks - toggle block stacking on/off
/is toggle border - toggle your border on/off
/is coop [name] - co-oped another player to your island temporarily

/is uncoop [name] - unco-oped another player from your island
/is setrole [role] [name] - give a member of your island a role. Choose from

Island Staff Commands

/is kick [name] - kicks a member from your island team
/is demote [name] - demotes a player's Island rank
/is withdraw [amount] - withdraw money form your Island bank
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