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  1. Cobrex


    Welcome to the newest addition to MC-Ages PyroFarming Father Christmas has arrived, and this will be launched on the network on either the 25th of December. This will be available on I-Age, T-Age, D-Age, S-Age and O-Age Pyrofarming is a new way to farm and earn money and will be available on...
  2. Cobrex

    Industrial gets Machines!!!

    Machines for Industrial Age After months of looking, then testing and awaiting updates, MACHINES are finally here for Industrial. Currently there are 12 machine units for you to purchase in-game and get your claim industrialised. Your in-game rank will determine which machines you have access...
  3. Cobrex

    Towny Commands and Information

    Hi all, Firstly, here is a link to the first YouTube tutorial on starting on the Towny server: Below is a list of the most common Towny commands used in the game. For further information please visit the official Towny website:
  4. Cobrex

    Creative Age commands

    CLAIMING /plot claim - claims the plot you are standing in (you can claim up to 4 plots) /plot auto (this will auto allocate the next numerical plot that is free from (0,0) /plot delete /plot swap <X;Z> /plot move <X;Z> TELEPORT /plot visit [player|alais|world|id] - visit another...