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01 Jun
Mini Competition - Build a Car!
  • Thread starter Tirco
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Hello crafters!

For an upcoming project, I am in need of small car builds.
I figured I could reach out to the community for help with this.
Which brings us to this mini-competition! :)

- Build a car / Vehicle
- The vehicle can be no more than 3 wide (5 wide if buttons / smaller details are on the sides). See the image above as an example.
- The vehicle can not be more than 8 long.
- The vehicle should be built in the creative world. (/c-age)
- You can submit multiple vehicles. (You'll only be eligible for 1 reward, but I'll appreciate the extra cars!)
- To submit a completed vehicle, simply...
08 May
Cross-platform Compatibility
  • Thread starter Cobrex
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Hi all,

Following a lot of work and updates,

MC-Ages is now open to all Bedrock players on console PE and windows 10.


MC-Ages is now a truly cross-platform network.

Please be aware that there are limitations owing to the way Bedrock is coded, like in-chat clickable links etc, however the core experience that Bedrock players will get, will be the same as Java players, which is great news.

You will join the server grey-listed, as all new players do, to get whitelisted, you will either need to click
[COLOR=rgb(250, 197...
09 Apr
Easter Egg Hunt Event
  • Thread starter Cobrex
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..... AND THE HUNT IS ON..........

What a great time all our hunters had looking for the special eggs.

The event was run on both the Towny and Industrial servers. All players that participated received event armour and an in game tag.


Once the event was opened, our trepid hunters entered the area to explore and start their quest within the eggnormous mountains and deep rivers. They soon discovered that the usual luxuries of fly, pets etc were not available and that they were on their own.

There were 30 eggs to find, some were very easy to spot and claim, however, others required skill and tenacity to only only find, but also claim. As significant improvement this year was that prizes were awarded as the eggs were found.

2021-04-05_21.36.42.png 2021-04-05_21.36.52.png

There were 30 eggs to find, some were very easy to spot...