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25 Oct
One Age
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One Age


Opening 25th October 2022

MC-Ages is pleased to announce the launch of our newest server, One Age. This is built around the classic OneBlock gamemode. You start on a single block in the sky. This block is your core minable block and you keep mining this block to get more blocks and loot to build with. This block cannot be moved so your new home will be built around it.

All global ranks will apply on this server also.

The new server will boast the following features:

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03 Sep
Industrial III updates and improvements
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Industrial III Updates

Following a lot of development work on the Industrial server, here is the list of updates and changes that have been made:

1) Quests

This is a major update to questing on Industrial.

There are now over
140 quests to get yourselves stuck into. Quests now also work cross-server, so you can start them either on i-age or i-mining and they will sync across. There is a new NPC at spawn where you can access the quests, or just type /quests.

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28 Jul
1.19 Update Launch
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Friday 29th July
Detailed below is the process and approximate timings for the network to be updated to 1.19. Currently, 1.19 and 1.19.1 clients are able to connect to the network and play the servers.

7pm (BST), 2pm (EDT)

All servers will be taken off-line while Minecraft is updated to 1.19, plugins tested and world boarders on main living worlds for I-Age, T-Age and D-Age are expanded to take in the new biomes. I will then render as much of the world as possible.

Mining servers will then start the full world resets and worlds will be fresh 1.19 generated worlds with the new mobs and biomes.

8pm (BST) 3pm (EDT)