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24 Dec
Holidays Event!
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Happy Holidays from the Staff Team at Mc-Ages!

Today I would like to introduce the Holidays Event coming to the server in the next few days, to give you all a small idea of what to expect and to tell you how the event will run.


This year are attempting a new style of event that will last over the course of a few days rather than a one and done event that we have typically done in the past. Our builders and other staff members have worked hard in order to create a lovely setting for the event.
When it opens you will be able to access the event area from the lobby, just head into the water next to Grinch-Brex (the Cobrex NPC) and HeartKay to be teleported.


In the event area you will be able to gather tokens from a few ways in order to earn prizes that can be claimed on any server you would like. There are multiple ways to earn the...
17 Dec
MC-Ages announces Sky-Age
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MC-Ages is pleased to announce the newest Age to the network


bringing all the fun of Skyblock to the network.


Begin your adventure on a small island in the sky, with limited resources and space. With cunning guile and bravery you will begin to plan, build and expand your island. Be aware not to loose any resources, especially your dirt - a premium commodity, and very expensive to buy.

Mc-Ages makes no apology. This version of Skyblock will test you to the limits and has been set up to challenge the most experience Minecrafter. Although the main gamemode is set to normal, we here at MC-Ages would certainly state this has a hard version to play that will require patience and time to progress.

The are multiple ways to upgrade within the game...
15 Dec
A new Age
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Hi all,

I think it is time for some major news following the network merger.........

As promised at the time, once the merger was sorted and all servers were stable and running smoothly
, MC-Ages would launch a new age.

We well the time has come and I am pleased to announce that

A New Age is coming.

This new Age will be launched within the next 5 days!!!!

Please keep an eye out on the
#news and web-site for the exact launch date.



The team and I are really excited for the launch and look forward to seeing you all...