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28 Oct
Halloween 2021
  • Thread starter Cobrex
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It's time to announce our event!!!

Halloween 2021_3.png

We will be running Halloween events on our servers from 8:00pm GMT, 3:00pm EST onwards - lots of items to collect and fun to be had.

* For Towny type /emwars when the times comes and prepare for a fright!!

* For Industrial type /warp halloween when the times comes and prepare for a fright!!

* For Park Age, type /warp grimridge to see the new Halloween area and hunt for more heads!!

Have fun!!
05 Aug
Industrial Extension
  • Thread starter Cobrex
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Hi all, it is time to let you know what I have been working on for the last month or so............

1) Boosters for McMMO (all survival servers)
- purchasable from the on-line store (per server).
2) Custom tags (all servers) - purchasable from the online store (per server) - create a ticket once purchased.

3) New in game rank system for Industrial, in addition to the current 4 play ranks, which will also include...........

Player Worlds!!

Yes, from tomorrow (once I update the server - see #minor-news) you will be able to purchase your own mini-world, within the Industrial server. This will be vanilla generated overworld map, and the...
30 Jul
Building Competition - August, 2021
  • Thread starter Tirco
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August is here, and it's about time we engaged you all in a new Build Competition!

With park-age released, we have something special lined up for you.
When Halloween comes around, we want to make sure there's a small event available with some spooky stuff, just like we do on all the other ages.
To make that happen, we are going to ask for your help!

The task:
Build a spooky ride!
To ensure that we can make it work, the ride must be based on something we already have.
A spooky version of the carousel, drop-tower, swings... As long as we've done it before,
assume we can do it again. You can also make a coaster-type ride if you want.
(However, no animated armorstands... they take forever to set up!)

Do not worry about the chair/seat/cart model, we will make that fit the ride.

How & where:
- Build the ride on the creative server, or any survival world on the network (make sure it's...