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General Server Commands


Staff member
This is a list of some of the general server commands you will need to use at some point during your time on the server. Note: This list does not necessarily include every command for each plugin.

Contact a staff member if one of the commands below does not work. The plugins may have been updated since this list was composed and it might need continual editing.

/help - opens the in game help menu

/sethome <name> - set current location as home - you can repeat this command to set several homes
/home <name> - travel to specified location
/delhome <name> - deletes your set home

TP and Warps
/wild - transport to a random set of coordinates.
/mining - teleports you to mining world
/tpa <player> - sends a teleportation request to a player to teleport to them
/tpahere <player> - sends a teleportation request to a player to teleport to you
/tpaccept - accept a teleportation request
/tpdeny - deny a teleportation request
/tpacancel - cancel your teleportation request
/spawn - teleports you to spawn
/pvp - teleports you to the PVP arena (YOU WILL LOSE ITEMS IF YOU DIE)
/crates - teleports you to the crates
/warp [name] - warps you to an official area
/pwarp [name] - warps you to a player-set area

Chat and Mail
/mail send <player> - can be used to write offline players
/mail read - used to view your messages
/mail clear - clear out your mailbox
/ignore <player> - allows you to hide the messages from a certain player
/msg <player> <message> - allows you to send a message to a particular player
/r <msg> - reply to the last player that messaged you
/afk - toggles in chat that you’re afk

/kit claim - every 3 days you can get yourself free claim tools
/cbwithdraw <amount> - takes the specified number of claim blocks from yours and makes it a pouch.
/trust <player> - gives player trust to containers, building, and redstone (doors)
/containertrust - gives player trust to containers and redstone (doors)
/trustlist - view the players trusted in your claim
/untrust <player> - removes player’s trusts

/market - warp to player shops
/shop - teleports you to server shop
/as rent - rents the plot you’re standing in (if available)
/as unrent - unrents your plot
/shopgui - shows you the interface to sell
/baltop - shows a table of players with the highest balances
/pay <player> <amount> - allows you to give the specified about of money to the chosen player
/sell all - sells all valid items in your inventory
/sell hand - sells all items in your inventory the same as what is in your hand
/ah - opens the auction house
/ah sell <amount> - places the item in your hand in the auction house

/mcstats or /stats - shows all of your mcmmo stats
/mctop - shows the top power level chart
/mcmmo:<skill> - shows your stats, abilities, and XP level for that skill
/party CREATE <name> - creates a party
/party INVITE <player> - invites a player to your party
/party leader <player> - gives player leader perms
/p <message> - party chat
/party kick <player> - kicks a player
/party disband - disbands party
/party XPSHARE - shares mcmmo xp with your party

/crewcreate <name> - creates a crew (if you have $25k)
/crew - view your crew’s stats
/crew list - view all crews
/crew top - view all crews’ stats
/crewinvite <player> - invites a player to your crew
/crewinvites - view invites sent
/crewjoin <name> - accept a crew invite
/crew members - view your crew’s members
/crew members <name> - view a target crew’s members
/crewdisband <name> - deletes your crew
/crew kick <player> - kick a player
/crew setspawn - set crew spawn
/crew spawn - spawn at crew spawn
/crew color <color> - sets crew chat color
/crew giveleadership <player> - gives player leadership perms
/gc or /ch - crew chat
/crew ally <crew name> - ally with a crew
/allychat or /achat - ally chat

/pch - enables pet capture helper
/petstore - stores pet
/petswitch - summons pet
/pcst - view pet skill trees
/petname <name> - names pet
/petcall - calls pet if active
/petrelease - releases pet

Premium Rank Commands:
/fix and /fix all - repairs the item in your hand or your entire inventory
/pv 1(-15) - opens a personal vault and store your items
/fly (phantom+) - enables and disables fly
/wb - opens a virtual workbench
/ptime <time> - sets your personal time
/pweather <condition> - sets your personal weather
/pwarp set <name> - sets a pwarp
/pwarp remove <name> - deletes a pwarp
/kits - view all kits you have access to
/bonus - Blaze+ players get monthly claimblocks