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How to Appeal a Punishment


Staff member
If you have received an in-game punishment or a punishment on the Forums or Discord you do have the right to appeal.

We are all human, and while the staff team do their best to ensure all punishments are issued in accordance with our guidelines, mistakes can be made.

To appeal a punishment, copy the text below, click here and paste for the appeal template:

IGN: (in game name) please ensure you enter your IGN for the server if you received your punishment in game, your forum name if this was a forum punishment or Discord username if punishment was received on Discord.

Reason for Punishment: please fill in why you received a punishment. Please remember even if you believe the punishment was wrong you still need to put the reason you were given for your punishment. Putting 'don't know' doesn't really help the staff member who is processing your appeal. And please remember not knowing the rules is not an excuse! The rules can be easily viewed and usually for a punishment to escalate to a ban you will have received previous warnings.

Why the Punishment Should be lifted: Here you can explain why you are appealing the punishment. You could be apologizing, admitting you were wrong and after learning from your mistake would like the punishment reducing from permanent to temporary. Or you could be providing evidence to dispute the ban in the first place.

Top Tips for Successful Appeals:
-Do not disrespect the staff member who banned you in the first place.
-Include evidence if you are disputing the ban (full copy of your chat logs, screenshots, video etc.)
-Put as much detail as possible.
-Do not lie, if you made a mistake don't worry! We can offer second chances. So own up to any mistakes.