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McMMO allows players to level up skills. Depending on how much a certain tool is used or a certain action is performed, players will gain experience that will eventually add bonuses such as double drops, rare drops, or ability enhancement. Here is a guide about the Plugin, most of the credit goes to McMMO Wiki who have put together a full and detailed guide about the Plugin.

Here are the different areas you can get McMMO points in and some information about each area:

Gathering McMMO


Mining is a skill focused around mining stone and ores. A notable perk of this skill is the higher potential yield from each ore, increased even further when using an active skill. Mining also adds new functionality to TNT, by allowing remote detonation. Mining is a parent skill of Smelting.


A good way to level this skill is to go the the mining world end and set up a haste 2 beacon and mine. Remember to right click and use super breaker as it gives you more

Woodcutting is a skill that is based around chopping trees down with an axe. Levelling the skill gives you increased chances of extra wood dropping from trees, as well as extra duration on the tree feller ability.


A good way to level this skill is to make a 2x2 tree farm

Herbalism is a skill that you develop from harvesting crops and it can help you with your farms.


Sugarcane and Berrys are the best way to level up this skill.

Excavation is an ability in McMMO. As it levels up, you get a higher chance of receiving treasures from what you dig.


Deserts are best place to level this skill. Please use the mining worlds for this skill and remembering to right click to activate giga driller.

Fishing has a chance of finding useful loot and abilities to get catches more often. There is also the shake ability, which allows you to retrieve mob drops from mobs without having to kill them.



Combat McMMO


Unarmed is a skill based around fighting with your fists.


Use a 1 hit mob grinder to level this skill efficiently

Archery is a skill in McMMO. It includes passive abilities and can be levelled to actively deal more damage.


The Nether is a good place to level this skill. Make a 4 stack tower and shoot Zombified Piglins

Swords McMMO adds abilities which allow you to add bleed effects to your attacks and counter the enemies hits


Enderman grinders are the best for this.

Axes is a skill based on using the axe tool as a weapon to fight mobs and other players. It adds more variety to gameplay by introducing a new type of weapon viable for many situations. Axes can be very useful in PvP as it can quickly break armour and deal critical strikes. Depending your axe's level, it is possible to break armour at a very quick rate. Axes can also be very useful if you are fighting 1v2, as the active ability allows you to do AoE damage.


Enderman grinders are best for this also

Taming is a skill in McMMO. As your level increases, your wolves will get abilities that increase damage, defence and other things.

While an interesting ability, the AI of wolves makes it sometimes difficult to be helpful, as they all target one enemy at the same time, and can't divide their focus. All you would need is a skeleton spawner and a spider spawner and you can just jump into pvp area and watch your wolves murder everyone. Keep in mind that ocelots wont help much with your taming skill.



Manufacturing and Misc. McMMO


Acrobatics is a skill that can be used to dodge attacks.


Acrobatics xp is awarded for taking fall damage, each half heart gives 120xp. Equipping feather falling boots doubles xp gains by two, regardless of the enchantment level.

Salvage is the ability to reclaim the basic materials from tools and armour. This is a child skill of Repair and Fishing, averaging the two levels together. It is unlocked when your repair level reaches 25. At lower levels you can only salvage fully repaired items. After unlocking Advanced Salvage, you can salvage damaged items. You will receive less component materials from a damaged item when compared to an undamaged item. The level of damage does make a difference as to how much you can salvage. To salvage, right click a gold block while holding a tool or some armour. Raw materials will pop out of the salvage anvil.


Smelting is a child skill of Mining and Repair. The effective Smelting level is the average of the parent skill levels. Smelting was the first child skill added to McMMO.


McMMO Commands

/mcstats - shows your McMMO stats
/mctop - displays the players with the top McMMO on the server
/<skill> - (e.g. /swords) will display your stats for a single skill
/mcrank - will show your personal McMMO details
/mcrank <player name> - (player has to be online for command to work) Shows another player's McMMO