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Minigame Information

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All the minigames can be accessed through the portals at /warp minigames.

These minigames are available to everyone immediatly:

- Wizards
- Bedwars
- Murder Mystery

These minigames require you to buy access using the ingame currency:
- TheLab
- The Arcade

You can also get to the parks entrance to the minigame with /warp <minigamename>

Here's a bit more information about each minigame:


- This is a domination type minigame. The players are split into two teams, and you fight to take control over the 3 control points on the map. Every second you will get points, depending on how many points you hold, and the first team to reach a certain score, wins.

When you win or lose a game you will get Wizards Coins. This is a currency that you can use inside Wizards to unlock different classes that use different spells.
Wizards will receive some balance-updates as we experiment more with it.

The pr Arena Chat for wizards is currently broken.

You can leave a game of Wizards early by using /wizards leave

This is the classic bedwars, the way you know it.
For now, the worlds all use 1.8-ish combat, and you will keep your armor and tools when you die. (Not your weapon).
Note that AXES are classified as TOOLS. Their damage is therefor reduced, and displayed incorrectly.
We are able to add "regular" combat to a separate bedwars map in the future, if that is something the community wars.

You are by default only talking to your team chat. To bypass this, start your message with a @.
You can leave a game early with /bw leave.

The developer of the plugin has a major update coming soon and that will be added in the future. This could lead to some major reworks of Bedwars.

Murder Mystery
Another classic!
In murder mystery, some of you will be murderers, some will be detectives and some will be regular innocents.
Can you kill the murderers before they kill all of you?

Use the command /mm leave to leave a game early.
It is not possible to bypass the arena chat.

Up to 8 players can compete in three randomly selected experiments made by Dr. Zuk.
We recommend using the resourcepack for this, as it contains custom sounds and voicelines.

To access this minigame you need to buy the access voucher from the NPC at /warp minigames or from Dr.Zuk at /warp thelab.
You will only need to buy the voucher once.

The arcade is a minigame world that contains various different minigames!
-- TNT Tag
-- PropHunt
-- TempleRun
-- MiniWalls
-- Splegg
-- BombLobbers
-- Quake
-- TNT Run
-- BlockParty
-- PartyGames (11 Games)

To access the Arcade World you need to buy the access voucher from the NPC at /warp minigames or from the shopkeeper at /warp arcade
You will only need to buy the voucher once.

There are more minigames coming! Tell us which ones you'd like to see!
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