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Park Age will release on July 16th, 2021!

Below you can find some of the questions and answers we expect you to have.

1) What is Park Age?
Park Age is our new Age! It is a theme park built in Minecraft, with functional rollercoasters and carousels. It's basically the new place to hang out in Mc-Ages!
It is also our Minigame server, and on launch you can play awesome minigames such as BedWars, Wizard Wars, Splegg, Quake, TNTRun and more! (See below)

2) Who can connect?
Everyone on the network will be able to connect.
We support clients from 1.8 - 1.17.1, and we also support Bedrock.

However, due to limitations with the way the resourcepack works, the Resource Pack and thus the park area will only work properly for Java Clients with version 1.14 or newer. This is because our Resource Pack uses the CustomModelData tag that was introduced in 1.14, and does not yet exist on Bedrock Edition...

We have made sure that you can still play the minigames without the resourcepack, and almost all of them work on any version of Minecraft.

3) What minigames are there?
At launch we will have the following Minigames:
- Bedwars

(1.8-ish combat)
You know what this is!

- Wizards
- A domination minigame.
Shoot spells at eachother and control the controlpoints!

Murder Mystery
- Some one among the group are murderers...
Can you stop them before they kill you all?

- Dr. Zeus "The Lab"
- Multiple minigames known as "Experiments". 3 of these will be randomly selected,
and the player with the most points after all 3 games, wins!
(You will need to buy access to this with our ingame currency.)

- The Arcade
The Arcade is a world you can buy access to with our ingame currency.
The world itself contains many well-known minigames that you can play:
- Splegg,
- Bomb Lobbers,
- TNT Tag,
- TNT Run,
- Block Party,
- Quake,
-Prop Hunt (Not for bedrock :( )
- Mini Walls,
and "Party Games!" (8 randomly selected quick minigames)

We will add more minigames, and make more maps for the current ones depending on how popular they get. Less popular minigames might get removed.

4) It plays music?!
By typing /audio in the game, you will be able to connect to our Audio Client, which will be open in your browser and play music in the background, depending on where you are! You can also use /volume to change the volume without having to tab to the browser.
The music is based on your location, or what ride you are on.

Fair warning for Streamers and YouTubers:
There is no guarantee that the music we are redirecting to has a free to use policy for videos,
so you may not want it enabled if you intend to save a video or make a YouTube video.

5) Custom Resource Pack?
We have worked hard on making Park Age as unique as possible, and to make this possible we have created a custom resource pack with custom models and features. To enable the resource pack in game, you can use the command /rp. Make sure that you have set "Server Resource Packs" to "Allow" in the server settings.

6) How does the economy work on Park Age?
The economy on Park Age is based on activity. You get money from riding the rides, you get money from playing the minigames and you get money from voting!
You can also sell items to other players using the auction house, or use sneak+ right click to activate a trade window with them.

Our server features a custom Trading Card plugin that allows you to collect trading cards! The cards will have different texts & images.
Each card has a hidden Score value, depending on the quality, rarity and a few other parameters.
How to get the card's quality rated, you'll have to figure out on your own...
But! If you get a player or staff-member card, you can ask them to sign the card for you! They can sign it by simply holding it and doing /signcard.

8) Where is Parkinglot Age?
Well... Uh... That's a meme.
But we do have a parkinglot outside of Park Age!

9) Future Updates?
With the way Park Age is set up, we're not worried about Minecraft's updates! All we need to keep safe is plugin playerinfo, and your inventory.
That being said, we do have a few planned updates that will appear seemingly out of nowhere with world updates. We will be adding more minigame maps for the most popular games, we will also be adding new minigames and cycle out the less used ones. And, as this is partly the Developer Playground, some more experimental and unique features might appear!
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