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Pyro Fishing Augments


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When crafting augments, ensure you have all materials except entropy to the precise amount.

Ensure you have enough entropy in your balance (does not matter if you have over the amount needed).

Ensure you are the correct level or higher in order to craft.

To craft the augment, throw all materials (not entropy) into a filled cauldron (full with water) and then left click the cauldron with your fishing rod.

Below is the requirements list for each augments, and the materials needed to max the augment level:

Hot Spot (Level 10 ) - Chance to fish up 2 fish at once

Max augment level: 13

Per Level Max Level

50,000 Entropy 650,00 Entropy

16x Glistering Melon Slice 104x Glistening Melon Slice

32x String 416x String (6.5 Stacks)

3x Golden Apple 39x Golden Apple

1x Oak Boat 13x Oak Boat

4x Dolphin Tail 52x Dolphin Tail

Call of The Storm (Level 12) - Catch more fish with rain

Max augment level: 5

40,000x Entropy 200,00x Entropy

1x Water Bucket 5x Water Bucket

1x Oak Boat 5x Oak Boat

16x Cod (raw) 80x Cod (1.25 Stacks)

4x Lily Pad 20x Lily Pad

4x Sponge 20x Sponge

Saturate (Level 12) - Chance to refill hunger

Max augment level: 5

35,000x Entropy 175,000x Entropy

16x Cooked Beef 80x Cooked Beef (1.25 Stacks)

1x Cake 5x Cake

12x Baked Potato 60x Baked Potato

16x Cod (raw) 80x Cod (1.25 Stacks)

Sage (Level 12) - Get more exp to the plugin (Not mcmmo) from catching fish

Max augment level: 10

57,500x Entropy 575,000x Entropy

8x Gold Block 80x Gold Block (1.25 Stacks)

16x Crab Claw 160x Crab Claw (2.5 Stacks)

16x Crab Scale 160x Crab Scale (2.5 Stacks)

3x Dolphin Tail 30x Dolphin Tail

4x Gunpowder 40x Gunpowder

16x Redstone 160x Redstone (2.5 Stacks)

16x Sugar 160x Sugar (2.5 Stacks)

Biome Disruption (Level 16) - Chance to catch fish from other biomes

Max augment level: 3

60,000x Entropy 180,000x Entropy

16x Oak Log 48x Oak Log

16x Snowball 48x Snowball

32x Sand 96x Sand (1.5 Stacks)

32x Kelp 96x Kelp (1.5 Stacks)

1x Water Bucket 3x Water Bucket

12x Dolphin Tail 36x Dolphin Tail

20x Crab Scale 60x Crab Scale

Precision Cutting (Level 22) - Gives more entropy from gutting fish (Need to hold the rod while gutting)

Max augment level: 8

70,000x Entropy 560,000x Entropy

1x Anvil 8x Anvil

1x Diamond Sword 8x Diamond Sword

1x Iron Axe 8x Iron Axe

16x Cobblestone 128x Cobblestone (2 Stacks)

2x Emerald 16x Emerald

3x Lapis Block 24x Lapis Block

1x Water Bucket 8x Water Bucket

1x Wither Skeleton Skull 8x Wither Skeleton Skull

6x Nautilus Shell 48x Nautilus Shells

Crab Bait (Level 25) - Higher chance to catch crabs

Max augment level: 5

40,000x Entropy 200,000x Entropy

1x Water Bucket 5x Water Bucket

10x Crab Claw 50x Crab Claw

20x Crab Scale 100x Crab Scale (1.56 stacks)

64x String 320x String (5 Stacks)

Intellect (Level 25) - Gives more EXP from catching fish

Max augment level: 10

50,000x Entropy 500,000x Entropy

20x Lapis Block 200x Lapis Block (1.65 Stacks (1 Stack 36))

8x Book 80x Book (1.25 stacks)

8x Diamond 80x Diamond (1.25 stacks)

8x Emerald Block 80x Emerald Block (1.25 stacks)

16x Crab Scale 160x Crab Scale (2.5 stacks)

Perception (Level 28) - Gives entropy for catching fish

Max augment level: 7

75,000x Entropy 525,000x Entropy

32x Glass 224x Glass (3.5 Stacks)

4x Glowstone 28x Glowstone

3x Turtle Egg 21x Turtle Egg

3x Nautilus Shell 21x Nautilus Shell

10x Crab Claw 70x Crab Claw (1.09 Stacks (1 Stack 6))

Trophy (Level 35) - Higher chance to profit from fish scales (weighing fish)

Max augment level: 6

60,000x Entropy 360,000x Entropy

32x Iron Block 192x Iron Block (3 Stacks)

16x Gold Block 96x Gold Block (1.5 Stacks)

12x Diamond Block 72x Diamond Block (1.125 Stacks (1 Stack 8 ))

12x Emerald Block 72x Emerald Block (1.125 Stacks (1 Stack 8 ))

16x Squid Tentacle 96x Squid Tentacle (1.5 Stacks)

1x Heart Of The Sea 6x Heart Of The Sea

Solar Rage (Level 35) - More money from selling fish (Must hold rod in hand while selling)

Max augment level: 5

75,000x Entropy 375,000x Entropy

8x Gold Block 40x Gold Block

5x Diamond Block 15x Diamond Block

12x Emerald Block 60x Emerald Block

10x Crab Claw 50x Crab Claw

10x Crab Scale 50x Crab Scale

10x Squid Tentacle 50x Squid Tentacle

Master Fisherman (Level 45) - Higher chance for better tier fish

Max augment level: 20

120,000x Entropy 2,400,000x Entropy

1x Nether Star 20x Nether Star

8x Ghast Tear 160x Ghast Tear (2.5 Stacks)

16x Crab Claw 320x Crab Claw (5 Stacks)

16x Crab Scale 320x Crab Scale (5 Stacks)

8x Dolphin Tail 160x Dolphin Tail (2.5 Stacks)

12x Squid Tentacles 240x Squid Tentacles (3.75 stacks)

2x Heart of the Sea 40x Heart of the Sea