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What are they?
How do they work?
How do I get them?

You'll find out the answers to most of that here!

First of all:
What is a trading card?
A trading card is a custom collectible you can get in Park Age!
They can have images and text of various animals, as well as staff-members and players of the server!

Let's have a look at one shall we?

Look at that handsome devil!
If we hover the item in our inventory, we can see this:

The first line here says "Epic Card: Tirco #009" - That is the name of the card, and it's ID. The ID helps us find where the card will sit in our binder. (/binder)
After "Trading Card" we have a line that says "Rarity: Epic" the rarity is basically how rare the card is. The following rarities exist:

Where, ofcourse Common is the easiest to find and Legendary is the hardest.

After the rarity there's a line telling you the Card Type - Basically if the card is a player, staff-member, animal or something else.

Then there's the CONDITION.
Any card you get will have the Condition UNKNOWN, until you get it rated!
- But Tirco, how can I get my card rated?!
Well, That's a secret that will be kept in the darkness for a while.
That, and this picture are all the hints you'll get from any staff-member on that!

Some cards can also be shiny, which will be shown by a enchanted effect on the item.
Keep in mind that a shiny card is rare!

Where can I get trading cards?
You can buy cardpacks from the "Card Vendor" at /warp yatois
A pack normally costs $50 (ingame currency), and will give you 3 randomly selected cards.
Which cards will you get? Well that purely depends on your luck! ;)

Trading Card Binder / Trading Card Score
You can store your cards in your Trading Card Binder (use /binder to access)
However, you can only store 1 of each card in the binder, so you better store the card with the highest score!
"How can I tell which card has the highest score?"
Well, you can't, but you can see how your score changes when you take a card in and out of the binder!

The score depends on the overal quality of the card and how difficult it is to get.
Is it shiny? Is it signed? How rare is it? And, what's the quality? - These are all things that could affect your cards quality.

What do you do with the extra cards?
You trade them with other players to get the cards you are missing!

or, you can sell them on the auction house, or throw them away.
You can also store them safely in your enderchest or personal vault.


Signing Cards
If you happen to get a card with a staff-member or player on it, you can ask them to sign it!
But! If they are busy, or simply don't want to - They don't have to! So don't nag them!

All they have to do is hold the card in their hand, and use the command /signcard. This will add some extra lore to the card, and increase its value!

How can I get a card made of me?
Player Cards are mainly made from events. Keep an eye out for the event rewards for our future events to see if becoming a playing card is one of them!

Some cards will only be available through special methods, such as finding x amount of HeadHunter heads, voting and other things. These cards will be more valuable than others, as they are harder to obtain.

There is also a special Park-Age Opening card that can only be found in packs for the first month of Park-Age!

If a card goes out of print, they won't be able to be found in card-packs, and their value will increase!


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