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Unclaiming Guide


Staff member
These are the unclaiming guides if you wish to have a build unclaimed.

Therefore the following rules will now apply to unclaiming existing plots:

1) Admin and Moderators are the only ranks that can do unclaims.
2) If a claim is near your build, then please speak to a Mod or Admin to see if it can be unclaimed.
3) Claims will now only be looked at if the time elapsed for the owner or trusted player is more than
90 days old from last time on-line (unless Staff knows the player has left the server).
4) Claims will not be removed if a player has given notice of a period of absence.
4) Mods and Admin will only do 1 unclaim each per 24 hours.
5) If the build is deemed aesthetically pleasing then the claim will not be removed - to protect good builds. The Staff's decision is final on what is deemed a good build.

If you are going to be away from the server for any reasonable reason like; personal, work or school, then please let us know by posting here: