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    Christmas Time 2022

    Winter / Christmas Event 2022 It is that time of year when the snow starts to fall, the mountain tops become white and we will start looking forward to the season of good will, family and time to be with friends. Here at MC-Ages, we also like to celebrate this time of year so, welcome to the...
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    Enchantment List

    Enchantment Description Applies to Rarity Max Level Smelting Chance to smelt mined blocks. Pickaxes Simple 3 Smoke Bomb When you are near death, you will spawn a smoke bomb to distract your enemies. Helmet Elite 8 Snap Pull hit entity towards you. Fishing Rod Elite 3 Snare Chance to slow...
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    Enchantment List

    Enchantment Description Applies to Rarity Max Level Heavy Decreases damage from enemy bows by 2% per level. Armor Ultimate 5 Hellfire Arrows turn into fireballs. Bow Ultimate 5 Hook Get more exp from fishing. Fishing Rod Elite 3 Hook Chance to increase luck while fishing. Fishing Rod...
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    Enchantment List

    As requested, here is the current list enchantments and information on them. Enjoy! Enchantment Description Applies to Rarity Max Level Abiding Weapons with this enchant become unbreakable Weapons Legendary 1 Aegis Chance to gain speed when taking fall damage. Boots Ultimate 3...
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    Pyro Fishing Augments

    Hi Greed, have you checked what fishing level you are on Pryo fishing, as this is also a requirement, not just the ingredients.
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    One Age Commands

    Welcome to the commands page for O-Age Welcome to the One Age server, our newest game-mode on MC-Ages. Build you empire and amazing creations from mining one source block. Work through the One phases and obtain different blocks. Careful as you mine the source block as there are surprises as...
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    One Age

    One Age Opening 25th October 2022 MC-Ages is pleased to announce the launch of our newest server, One Age. This is built around the classic OneBlock gamemode. You start on a single block in the sky. This block is your core minable block and you keep mining this block to get more blocks and...
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    Stock Market Plugin Info and Commands

    Stock Market Plugin Welcome to the Stock Market plugin. This is a fun way to teach yourself how the stock market works and learn about the dangers, or gains you may get from trading shares in real life. To get to the stock market and trade with the stockbroker, type /warp stockmarket You...
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    Industrial III updates and improvements

    Industrial III Updates Following a lot of development work on the Industrial server, here is the list of updates and changes that have been made: 1) Quests This is a major update to questing on Industrial. There are now over 140 quests to get yourselves stuck into. Quests now also work...
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    Sorted this ingame
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    FLY Time only after Island Level 500???

    This issue has been fixed, I found the error.
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    1.19 Update Launch

    Friday 29th July Detailed below is the process and approximate timings for the network to be updated to 1.19. Currently, 1.19 and 1.19.1 clients are able to connect to the network and play the servers. 7pm (BST), 2pm (EDT) All servers will be taken off-line while Minecraft is updated to...
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    Mod Packs

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    Post for whitelisting

    Thanks for posting your ingamehere here, however, this is the wrong forum. You need check the ingame links here on out forum as I know you are unable to use them ingame. I have whitelisted you, but if you are able, please use the /post link...
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    I would like to be whitelisted please my username is B_M_S_BHAARGAV

    I have whitelisted you. You can find all the in-game links here for BE players on Bedrock section of the forums. If you vote please ensure you use the full ingamename as it shows in chat, including the B_ or else you will not receive the...