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An addition to the T-Age server is the jobs plugin.

Earn money while you build your town, clear land and farm. You can even earn money working for other players clearing their land if you wish.

There are currently 12 different jobs you can earn money with. At the start of your ranks, you can only have 2 different jobs, but as you rank up, you can join more jobs, to a maxium of 5. You are able to leave a current job to join a new one. You progress in the old job is not totally lost, but there is a 20% penalty for leaving a job.

Commands for the jobs:

/jobs browse - allows you to browse all the current jobs, tiers and earnings.

/jobs info [job] - gives you details of all the actions/blocks/kills that will earn you money.

/jobs join [job] - join a job and start earning money as you build, farm, clear land.

/jobs leave [job] - leave the specified job to make space to join another job.

/jobs leave all - leave all current jobs.

/jobs shop - there are a few items in the jobs shop (but they are very expensive (better to craft yourself)

/jobs stats - gives you your current levels for all jobs you are in or have held.

Have fun and get earning that extra money for /rankup!!